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Did you know that 500 Million straws are used daily, just in the United States alone!?! That number would fill over 125 school busses with straws EVERY SINGLE DAY. 500 MILLION straws a day. That’s 175 billion a year. That’s enough straws to wrap around the Earth’s circumference 2.5 times a day. And those straws have to end up somewhere – landfills, our beautiful  oceans….

So what can we do to help?

  • When going to restaurants and bars, simply request no straw with drink orders.
  • There are some great reusable straw options to keep at home for kids, for reusable to-go cups, water bottles and to take along to restaurants. These straws come in stainless steel, glass, silicon, paper, bamboo, et and here is a company that is making edible straws out of seaweed! the Lolistraw by Loliware. For more reusable straw options, check these out.
  • Reach out to a restaurant or business in your community about adopting an offer first policy, asking the customer if they’d like a straw at all, rather than automatically giving them.
  • Here is a table tent (created by an awesome 10 yr old who started his own BE Straw Free campaign!) that you can print out and take to restaurants for your table:
  • Help spread awareness by informing friends and family of just how harmful straws are to our planet. Share on social media: #stopsucking, #nostrawplease, #strawfree

Image from Greenpeace.

Making a difference starts with ourselves, making right actions, you know, being the change and all. So let’s all take the pledge to #stopsucking!




Complied, contributed and written by Katie Elliott.

Katie is an artist with a lust for travel and a profound love of nature. Her ideas of true happiness consist of: a great book, a blank notebook and pen, the beach, oil paints, a glass of good wine, yoga, soul friends and lots of laughing. Not necessarily in that order.

Connect with her on Instagram at @katieelliott108 or @dakinikate.


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