in britain released 50 pence with sherlock holmes

The whole text is written so small that it is impossible to read it without the help of additional devices.

The Royal Mint of Great Britain issued a commemorative 50-pence coin, which depicts the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes, writes with reference to

Issue of coins is dedicated to the 160th anniversary of the birth of the writer Arthur Conan Doyle. The famous detective appeared on the British coin for the first time. In addition to the recognizable profile of a detective, the names of books with his participation are written in a company cap and with a pipe.

“The only way to solve the riddle of the text is to use a tool that the detective always carried with him — a magnifying glass,” said Stephen Roh, who invented the design of the coin.

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The cost of the coin depends on the alloy from which it is made. So, the most common is 10 pounds, and gold – 795 pounds. At the moment, the entire circulation of gold coins, which produced only 400 pieces, is already reserved, and silver coins of 55 pounds have also been completely bought up.

The remaining part of the circulation of silver coins is piedfort (a numismatic term meaning a coin made with ordinary stamps from a double-thick blank) of 90 pounds and the cheapest. You can review and book them at the mint site.

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