in kansas at the same time seven teachers became pregnant

According to management, the school has come across a similar for the first time. However, a replacement for all was found.

In the American elementary school Oak Street Elementary School of Kansas, seven teachers out of 15 became pregnant at the same time, the director of the institution, Ashley Miller, said that she faced the same for the first time, reports, citing

Miller also said that the replacement of all employees on maternity leave was found. However, she also joked that it might be worthwhile to attach a kindergarten to school.

It is known that two teachers gave birth at the end of March, with a difference of 24 hours. As for the rest, their terms are different, including until October inclusive.

“This is crazy funny. It seemed to me that there were a lot of us, already when there were three of us. And then there were four of us, and then five, and now there are seven of us, and this is already a comedy,” noted one school employee Tara Johnson.

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Women laugh at coincidence, but are glad that they can share the news and support each other.

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