10 available makeup artist secrets for a flawless look for a reasonable price

Every girl strives to look one hundred percent. Even when she says she doesn’t care at all. And to look great without any special financial costs is a dream squared. Yes, yes, we are all taught from childhood that beauty requires sacrifices, including money. But, nevertheless, sometimes an unexpectedly pleasant effect can be obtained without buying a kilogram of expensive advertised funds. The main thing is to be able to use existing cosmetics in a not entirely familiar way. Even professional makeup artists use these tricks!

Sometimes the usual contents of any cosmetic bag are fraught with many alternative possibilities. Do not be afraid to discern the hidden potential of cosmetics, decide on an experiment – and the result may pleasantly surprise you!

1. More than just powder

Most makeup artists prefer to work with mineral powder. After all, it not only helps to create the effect of “soft focus” on the face (if you use a voluminous, densely packed brush), but can also easily replace dry shampoo, giving the hair additional volume. And our mothers knew about the trick using a small amount of powder on the eyelashes before applying mascara. And so they could boast of a languid look, just like Brigitte Bardot or Svetlana Svetlichnaya.

2. Balm for everything
The glossy, damp skin effect is one of the main trends this summer. If you also want to give your face a fresh, rested look, but it’s far from vacation, and it’s a pity to spend money on a fashionable highlighter, Hollywood make-up artists have good news: the secret of “wet” skin is already in your cosmetic bag. This is lip balm. Apply some on cheekbones and even eyelids for a glossy effect. Also, the balm will help you easily turn any blush into cream – just apply it on top and blend well.

3. More moisture

Another professional trick works in support of the shine trend: If your foundation or concealer is too thick, add a little light moisturizer to it. This will give you a much more natural finish with a slightly damp finish.

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4. Velvet lips
The mania for dull matte lipsticks does not let go of most girls even this summer. To diversify this slightly annoying trend at least a little, make-up artists offer an unusual idea: apply a small amount of blush or shadows of the same or as close as possible shade right on top of your favorite lipstick. This will give you a velvet finish and unusual color depth.

5. Eliminate the “checkmate”
Have you applied too much powder or have you suddenly got a “dusty peach” effect from your foundation? Spray a thermal drive or a moisturizing mist directly over your makeup. The tool will eliminate excess makeup, but it will add so much topical radiance.

6. Beauty blender
The dream of all beauty bloggers, assistant to most makeup artists and just one of the best-selling products on aliexpress. Even in summer, skin peeling is plagued? Then apply the foundation only with the “magic testicle”. The sponge allows you to mix the product directly with natural sebum. Sounds a little … mmm … disgusting. But in the end – an even, slightly damp skin tone and no peeling!

7. Bronze look
There is no time in the morning for full eye makeup, but there is always a minute to draw non-existent cheekbones? Combine business with pleasure: apply some bronzer as an eyeshadow. You can even use the same brush. Just a few light strokes, without shading – and this will be enough to increase the degree of warmth in the gaze. And the makeup will remain as invisible as possible.

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8. Red versus blue
Sleep so little that the natural blue around your eyes has long replaced shadows? Enough tolerating this! For a perfect camouflage effect, mix the mower with a little red or orange lipstick. Extravagant, but it works! No magic, simple colorist.

9. Keeping the lipstick in line
To keep lipstick as long as possible, make-up artists never forget to use a contour pencil. And with it, you can make your lips look good, but that’s not about that now. It turns out that an even more effective alternative to the usual “contour” can be … a wax pencil for eyebrows. It is colorless, easy to apply, but it adheres perfectly and does not allow lipstick to “run away” beyond the defined boundaries, even on the hottest day.

10. Bigger is better
If you follow beauticians on social networks, you have probably noticed how popular curvy false eyelashes are nowadays. Do you want to achieve the same Instagram effect? Professional make-up artists recommend opting for not the thickest, “richest” eyelashes in the store, but instead purchase two more modest and more natural pairs, and simply connect them together.

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