10 culinary life hacks that will help you out in the kitchen more than once

Cooking is an art that has nothing to do without patience and hours of practice. Using the right recipes is not a guarantee of mastery in this matter: you need to know how to properly store food, as well as be able to use various tricks to make cooking easier.

Check out our list of 10 helpful tips to help you feel like a fish in water in your kitchen.

1. If you need to quickly soften a piece of butter that you just took out of the fridge, just pour boiling water into a glass for a minute and then cover the butter with it.
2. Putting lemon wedges between the fish and the grill will not only help prevent sticking, but also improve its flavor.
3. To easily peel a hard-boiled egg, pierce the blunt end with a needle before boiling.
4. To determine the freshness of the eggs, place them in a deep container of cold water. If they are left lying flat on the bottom, then they are very fresh.

Eggs, slightly raised at an obtuse angle upward, are not the first freshness, but they can still be used in cooking hot dishes. The eggs that float to the surface are spoiled and cannot be eaten! We recommend that you get rid of them as soon as possible.
The eggs float to the surface because over time the moisture inside evaporates through the shell and the resulting “free” space is replaced by air. The more air inside the egg, the higher it floats. And, of course, the older it is.

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Eggs can be kept fresh in the refrigerator for up to 15 days. In the BioFresh section of LIEBHERR refrigerators, they retain their best properties for much longer – for 45 days.

5. To keep bananas longer and not blacken, cut off their tails.
Please note that bananas cannot be stored in the refrigerator.

6. To keep the potatoes longer, place some apples on top of them.
They prevent potatoes from sprouting.

7. Defrost food in the refrigerator compartment.
The refrigerator will “absorb” the cold produced from frozen food, which will save energy, and the low temperature will slow down the growth of bacteria. Remember: defrosting food using this method takes much longer than at room temperature.

8. The secret of long-term storage of berries is very simple: they need to be properly frozen.

Set the freezer to the lowest temperature in advance. Under such conditions, the berries will freeze faster, and will also retain the maximum amount of nutrients.

Of course, you can manually set the required temperature mode, but everything is much easier if the freezer is equipped with the “Super freeze” function. For example, after activating it at the LIEBHERR freezer, the temperature in the compartment gradually drops to -32 ° C.

Then place the berries evenly on the freezer tray so they don’t touch each other and place it in the freezer. Such a measure will avoid further freezing of berries among themselves.

Remove the tray after a few hours.

And put the berries in a special freezer bag. In an airtight container, the berries will not shrink.

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Close the bag and move it to the freezer. Properly freezing food will stay fresh for several months.

9. Do not place a lot of food on the top shelf of the refrigerator. The highest temperature in the refrigerator compartment is on the top shelf. This is due to the fact that the streams of warm air always go up. Higher temperatures may shorten the shelf life of food.
This problem is solved in the LIEBHERR refrigerators equipped with the PowerCooling system. Thanks to it, a uniform temperature is always maintained in the refrigerator.

In addition, the new BluPerformance generation models integrate an easily replaceable activated carbon filter into the PowerCooling fan design to ensure optimum air quality.

10. Placing too many foods in the pan is one of the most common culinary mistakes.
Leave enough space between them to cook evenly.

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