10 helpful tips for keeping your kitchen clean

It is not easy to achieve perfect order and cleanliness in the kitchen. But experienced housewives own the secrets of this art and know how to get rid of unwanted dirt without spending the whole day on it.

10 handy tricks to make cleaning easier and keep your kitchen clean.


Glassware can be washed very easily and without household chemicals from the store. To do this, add a little vinegar and salt to warm water. The dishes will become cleaner and more transparent.

Aluminum pans
Aluminum pots will shine on the inside again if you boil water with potato peels, apple peel, rhubarb peel, or vinegar solution.

Enamel pots
Boil enamel pots that have darkened or burnt out with any dishwashing detergent and 1 tablespoon of baking soda. Then rinse well with hot water. To prevent browning, boil them with a vinegar solution once a month.

The inside of the refrigerator is very well cleaned with a soda solution. Take 4 tablespoons of baking soda in 1 liter of water. Apply to surface inside and wipe clean. Freshness and purity are guaranteed!

If the pan is burnt
Boil the laundry soap in a burnt saucepan for a short time. Then it can be easily washed off with a sponge.

If the milk ran away

If escaped milk spills on a hot stove, fill the area with salt and cover it with wet parchment paper. The smell will not spread throughout the room.

We store flour
To prevent insects from growing in the flour, put a couple of garlic cloves, not peeled from the husk, in the place where it is stored.

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Sharpening knives
To make the knives easier to sharpen, place them in a mild saline solution for a while, and then start sharpening without wiping them off.

We clean the meat grinder
To make cleaning easier, run raw potatoes through it at the end of use.

So that the glasses do not break
New glass glasses will not break from light blows if you put them in a container of cold water, slowly bring the water to a boil and leave the glasses to cool here.

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