10 helpful tips for those who travel on business

A business trip is also a trip, but under the division “everything is serious.” And, like any trip, a business trip requires preparation. Here are some tips to help you keep your thoughts together and your belongings in your bag.

1. Wardrobe
The rule is simple – take the most necessary, strong and non-marking. By the way, they have long come up with clothes, including business ones, that do not wrinkle. Such clothes are marked “non iron”.

2. Suitcase
Leave your suitcase at home, and take your bag on a business trip. You do not have to wait for your luggage upon arrival and, in general, it is more convenient to move with a bag. The exception is business trips of 5 days or more.

3. Laying
If anything, things rolled in rolls take up less space than things folded in piles. And also rolled, not folded, clothes wrinkle less.

4. Comfort
Take things that make you feel comfortable. This can be, for example, hand cream, headphones, antibacterial gel and your favorite perfume.

5. List

And in general, make a once (and forever) list of necessary things. Focus on the longest business trip, and you will correct it along the way. It’s much easier than building things from scratch every time.

6. Nutrition
With all the criticism of fast food, eating in chain restaurants is at least a guarantee that you will not get an upset stomach. Especially if your business trip is to India, China or Tunisia.

7. Breakfast
Breakfast deserves special attention. When booking a hotel, choose hotels with a buffet service. A hearty breakfast will allow you not to be distracted by the feeling of hunger during the day if for some reason you do not succeed in having lunch, and this happens all the time on business trips.

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8. Planning
No “I will plan everything on the spot.” A simple sticky note with a list of appointments and tasks for those appointments will save you tons of time, increase travel efficiency and reduce overall tension.

9. Offline maps
Lack of internet is not a reason to get lost or get lost in an unfamiliar city. There are many offline navigation apps. For example, MAPS.ME is able to lay any routes without the Internet and has a high level of detail on the maps.

10. Souvenirs
If you are on a business trip to another country, take with you national souvenirs – sweets or something stronger. As a rule, partners are very loyal to such symbolic gifts. And this applies not only to trips to another country. He is a gift everywhere.

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