10 ingenious life hacks to combat dust

It has long been known that cleanliness and order are not where they clean and wash. Apartment Therapy talked about how to prevent dust build-up without much effort.

Method number 1: Turn on the air conditioner and ventilation system

This is not a 100% solution to your problems, but this method helps to partially get rid of dust without getting up from the couch. Powerful streams create circulation and lift particles of dust and dirt into the air, which are then removed through the ventilation system (unless of course you remember to clean the filters).

Method number 2: use polish
General cleaning of household appliances and ventilation takes a lot of effort. To reduce the accumulation of dust on the surface, after cleaning, rub them with a special polish – next time it will be much easier to clean them.

Method number 3: Wet wipes for the skirting board
Use wet wipes to wipe dust off the baseboard. The nonwoven fabric collects dust and dirt faster than any other fabric.

Method number 4: do not make the bed
Good news for lazy people! Open air makes bed linen cleaner. Yes, you heard right. A damp bed with a blanket is an ideal breeding ground for dust mites and an allergy sufferer’s worst nightmare.

Method number 5: Replace floor rags with … socks
The dense, velvety chenille material handles dust much better than cotton. Slip a chenille sock onto the mop and start cleaning floors, walls and ceilings. And after use, just wash the product in the washing machine.

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Method number 6: Socks again!
With the help of chenille socks, put on your hand, you can quickly and efficiently wipe the shutters. You will be surprised how much dust accumulates in inaccessible places.

Method number 7: Remove dust from the fan chandelier
If your apartment has such a device as a chandelier-fan, then you have probably already been able to see how difficult it is to wipe the dust from its blades.

Here’s a useful life hack for you: use a pillowcase for this! Slide it over the blade and gently drag it across the surface from the center of the chandelier to the edge. Lumps of dust that may form in the process will fall freely inside the pillowcase, leaving the floor and furniture clean.

Method number 8: Melamine sponge for cleaning the keyboard

Use a melamine sponge that has been cut into strips to remove crumbs, lint and dust from the keyboard. The small miracle sponge allows you to better process the space between the keys, where most of the dirt accumulates.

Method number 9: Sticky tape for lampshades and curtains

Cat and dog owners know how difficult it is to keep textiles clean, especially if pets like to hide behind curtains or rub against a table lamp.

To remove wool and fine lint from the fabric lampshade, use the adhesive tape for garment care. And do not take it far away – you may have to do it all over again tomorrow!

Method number 10: If your hands have reached the “dust collectors”Souvenirs, figurines, vases, interior decorations – all of them are dear to us as a gift or a reminder of the trip. But keeping them clean is a living hell. Here’s a simple solution: remove dust from them with a wide makeup brush. It really works!

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