10 life hacks for the refrigerator

On holidays, such as a birthday or New Year, a lot of food can accumulate in the refrigerator, some of them do not fit there at all due to the filling of salads, fruits, meat and other food. Sometimes you want to put things in order in the refrigerator so that all the products are in their places, any thing can be easily found, and also free up a lot of space for other products.

There are some tricks you can do to keep your refrigerator clean. There are some interesting and useful ideas on how to do all this.

Making the refrigerator more convenient

1. Some foods can be stored outside the refrigerator, but to always be visible, you can store them in plastic or metal containers.
You will need:

– magnets or magnetic vinyl, from which you can cut any shape

– double-sided tape or superglue (only needed when using ordinary magnets)

– scissors (needed when using magnetic vinyl).

1.1. Prepare magnets of a suitable size.

1.2. Glue the magnets to the bottom of the container. Magnetic vinyl already has an adhesive side, so no superglue is needed.

1.3. Fill containers with the food you want and attach to the door or side of the refrigerator.

Metal boxes with spices

2. You can also attach baskets for bags of spices and other small things to the refrigerator.
You will need:

– small magnets

– Super glue.

3. If you do not want to wash and clean your refrigerator often, you can cover the shelves with special rugs that are easy to clean.
4. The shelves can also be covered with a lash, and when it gets dirty, simply remove and discard, and in their place attach new pieces of cling film.
Free space in the refrigerator

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5. In order to compactly store drinks in bottles, you can fold them in this way (see image), and hold them with a regular paper clip.
6. For more food to fit in the freezer, you can use regular paper organizers.
7. Some foods can be stored in narrow, upright containers that can be kept on shelves on the refrigerator door to save more space.

Refrigerator with rack shelves

8. Use grocery bags with clothespins or paper clips, fill them with food, and attach them to the shelves of the refrigerator or freezer.

Refrigerator baskets

9. To give the fruits and vegetables their place, you can buy small baskets of different colors and store certain foods in each basket. Not only can this save space, but you can also find the products you want faster.
The same goes for meat and fish products stored in the freezer.

Convenient shelf in the refrigerator

10. In order not to have to squeeze out the remnants of ketchup, mustard or other ingredients, it is better to keep the containers in which they are contained with the neck down.

But for convenient storage of containers with the neck down, you can use carton packaging for eggs.
Just cut the packaging as shown in the image, place it on the shelf in the refrigerator and use it as a holder for the necessary containers.
In stores you can find special hanging pockets designed for storing vegetables and fruits. These pockets will also save a lot of space in the refrigerator.

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