10 life hacks how to make a designer renovation yourself

Do you want to make changes to your home and make it beautiful. How can this be done? If the budget is small, you will have to do everything or almost everything yourself. Can the result be designer? Sure. Now let’s talk about the key points.

1. Think over the concept
What makes designer renovations different from ordinary ones? Not an expensive laminate, and not a stretch ceiling, but an original design concept. In this concept, the main thing is your personal taste, decorated stylistically. You can connect taste with style using the Internet, looking through examples of interiors. And making bookmarks: “these are the walls”, “this is the carpet.”

2. Visualize the plan
Be sure to visualize the concept, for example, by hand on paper. But it is better to make a three-dimensional 3D model, and you don’t need to have 3D design skills. There are many 3D planners on the Internet that do not require special knowledge and skills. For example, Planoplan or SketchUp.

3. Do not stretch the ceiling
As for the practical part, let’s draw your attention to the key points. First, leave the ceiling alone. Just paint it and that’s it. Multilevel ceilings with neon lights look ridiculous, not “designer”.

4. Paint, not glue
Paintable wallpaper has one advantage – it can be repainted at any time, that is, change the design at the click of your fingers. And you can buy such wallpapers relatively inexpensively.

5. Play with color
Don’t forget to play with the color of the walls. If the living room is light, make the bedroom in dark muted colors. Use the accent wall technique, it always creates mood and character in the room. Paint costs are the same anyway.

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6. Forget about white
White color in the interior not only set the teeth on edge, but also became frankly unfashionable. In addition, it is a soiled color. If you absolutely want to be lighter, use ivory. By the way, you can come off on bed linen and bath towels – white is very appropriate here and looks expensive.

7. Spend a little
It is better not to save on floor covering, that is, linoleum will not work unambiguously when it comes to designer or simply stylish renovation. No money for parquet – spend at least on laminate.

8. What to put on the floor
The carpet makes the floor and the interior complete and cozy, but unfortunately it is expensive. And you look in supermarkets for carpets with a pile type coating. Buy a suitable piece and overcast in the workshop.

9. Seal curtains
The cheapest curtains will look expensive when lined. Lining gives curtains thickness, pleats fullness and a window a stylish look.

10. Light zoning
Think about the lighting concept. There should be many light sources, and not one chandelier in the center of the ceiling. Floor lamps, table lamps, pendant lights, sconces – each zone should have its own lighting. It is very cozy and stylish.

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