10 life hacks that will make you a culinary guru

These simple and useful tips will help you save time in kitchen worries: the cooking process will be simpler and easier, and the taste of the dishes themselves will make them even more unique.

To prevent the milk from escaping, just place a long wooden spoon or a regular spatula on top of the pan. The resulting foam, touching the scapula, will go down.
Have you noticed that in restaurants, bacon is always perfectly done. It is not overdried, not hard, and not soggy at the ends. The secret to making this bacon is simple: use the oven instead of a frying pan.
I bet you have asked yourself the question more than once: where are the crystal clear ice cubes in restaurants and bars from? After all, at home they always turn out to be muddy or even white. The bartender’s trick is to boil the water before freezing it. You can even do it twice.
If you don’t have cupcake holders on hand, don’t be discouraged. Take regular parchment paper. You will receive very original cupcakes: each will have its own, unique shape. Plus – then you won’t need to wash anything.
To quickly and neatly peel corn cobs, use a muffin pan with a hole in it (designed to bake the heavy dough evenly). Insert a head of cabbage into this hole and remove the seeds with a knife.
Not everyone likes to chill alcoholic drinks with ice cubes. The ice melts, dilutes the alcohol and changes its taste. This is especially true for wine. In this case, it is better to use frozen grapes. They not only decorate, but also perfectly cool the drink.
Use dental floss instead of a knife to cut the cake into perfectly even pieces. Only, of course, without any fragrances. The same trick can be applied to soft cheeses.
The perfect cake is the dream of every housewife and owner. But nothing spoils the impression of the cake like sloppy, slightly burnt sides. Beautiful, curly bumpers can be obtained using ordinary meat tongs, a corkscrew, a teaspoon and even beads.
Preheat plates before serving hot food. For the cold ones, on the contrary, cool them down. This will keep the food at its optimal temperature and rich taste for longer.
Often times, softened butter is needed to make sandwiches or baked goods. But what to do if you forgot to take it out of the refrigerator beforehand. You can fix the situation with a regular glass goblet. Put it in the microwave for a couple of seconds or heat it under a stream of hot, running water. Then cover the pieces of butter with a glass and wait a couple of minutes.

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