10 life hacks to combat aging

Old age will come to each of us. But how you want to prolong the moments of youth. And whoever wants, we know, he can. Moreover, it is actually possible to slow down the aging process and look (and feel) younger.

1. Hyaluronic acid
Let’s start with skin care and cosmetic ingredients that have proven effective. First of all, it is hyaluronic acid, which helps the skin to retain water, and the inability to retain water is a companion of age. Stabbing or smearing is everyone’s personal business. Injections, of course, work more efficiently.

2. Retinol cream
Another hit among the components of anti-aging cosmetics is retinol. Retinol is a vitamin A, which, due to its small molecular size, penetrates through the pores and produces a number of “special effects” in the dermis, such as smoothing wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity, and stimulating collagen production.

3. More collagen
Collagen is one of the main proteins responsible for skin firmness and elasticity. After 25 years, its production starts to decline. Fortunately, supplies can be replenished through food. Collagen rich foods – bone broth, fish, eggs, nuts.

4. Fight against radicals
Oxidants or free radicals are the worst enemies of not only youth, but also health. Where do they come from? From the air we breathe. From the sun, under the rays of which we are. And also from some of the products that break down in our body as a result of metabolism. You can neutralize the effects of free radicals with an antioxidant diet – a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, herbs and seafood.

5. Sun protection

By the way, about the sun. Ultraviolet radiation ages the skin monstrously – not only dehydrates, but also suppresses the synthesis of collagen and elastin. There is one main rule, adhering to which, you can protect yourself from photoaging – use sunscreen from spring to autumn.

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6. Remove excess
Why did you come up with scrubs and peels? Not only to remove peeling from the skin. By acting on the skin with a scrub, washcloth or peeling, we stimulate the work of cells, the activity of which decreases with age.

7. Healthy eating

Why is healthy eating good? The fact that in a large “dosage” it contains fruits, herbs and vegetables, that is, foods high in antioxidants. And healthy foods do not break down into toxic substances in our body, such as fried, starchy foods and sweets. A person who eats right can be seen from a mile away – he has a blooming appearance, which is not a hindrance to any age.

8. Contrast shower
Only the lazy did not speak about the benefits of contrast douches, but many are still too lazy to introduce this procedure into their daily routine. And in vain. Contrast douches improve the quality of the skin, as well as strengthen the immune system, energize and fight stress.

9. Stress management
Stress doesn’t just age. Stress destroys health. But it is impossible to live without stress in modern conditions. There is a way out – stress can be managed and counteracted. Simply put – you need to learn to relax. To help you – massage, sex, meditation, psychotherapy.

10. Live and rejoice
After all, what is aging? Facial wrinkles? The main thing is to be young at heart. Do not lose the ability to rejoice and be surprised. Experience the genuine delight of the sensation of life. Make others happy and be happy yourself.

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