10 tips for survival in a big city

Surviving in a big city is not easy. Here you need to leave feelings for later. Let’s talk where to save money, how not to lose health and what to do if not a penny is left in your pocket.

1. The penny protects the ruble
It only seems that a cup of coffee is worth a penny. One hundred rubles a day is 36,500 rubles a year. With this money, you can buy a very good smartphone or other expensive and useful thing. And even change will remain – for a thermos in which you can carry coffee with you.

2. Rent instead of buying
There is no need to buy things in a big city. Everything can be rented. Literally everything – from a children’s sun lounger to an office shirt. Not to mention such household items as a drill, refrigerator and washing machine. If you are passing through a big city, do not take anything with you except your passport and bank card.

3. Used
If you still want to be the happy owner of this or that thing, you can always buy it at least half the price. Look for products on message boards. Used, but in perfect condition, things are sold for next to nothing. And you can find everything.

4. Free Wi-Fi
A big city is thousands of free Wi-Fi hotspots. Forget about expensive mobile internet. Use free. A map of these access points can be found on the Internet.

5. Forget about fast food
Big city – great temptations. One of these temptations is fast food, which is sold literally at every turn. Of course, it is convenient – to run into a fast drink, have a snack and run on. Convenient but harmful. Be aware of trans fats and other harmful additives. And the quality of food in such establishments is always low.

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6. Wear a snack
But being hungry is not an option either. Get into the healthy habit of carrying something nutritious and healthy with you. For example, nuts and dried fruits. On dates, if anything, you can live for several years.

7. Do not slow down
A big city is a dynamic city. It demands movement from people. Delay is like death. Don’t stand where everyone goes. Do not brake where you are accelerating. Don’t hover where you need to step forward. For example, leaving a subway car.

8. Do not conflict
A big city is a gathering of a wide variety of people, including people from a criminal environment, adherents of radical sects and simply mentally unbalanced. Do not provoke aggression, do not succumb to provocation – do not take part in conflict situations. Because the second participant in the conflict can always be a life-threatening person.

9. Trust but Verify
For the same reason, do not lend credits to strangers. Yes, and friends – trust, but check. By following this advice, you will greatly increase your chances of not being included in the lists of people affected by attackers.

10. Make money fast
Undoubtedly, one of the big advantages of a big city is that you can always make money quickly here. And you don’t need to have special talents. This is where ad posters, flyer distributors, cleaners, nannies, dog walkers are always needed. Money – immediately.

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