10 ways to beat oily hair

Oily hair by the evening of the day after washing it looks so awkward. And also when the shampoo bottles run out every two weeks. How to live with it? This cosmetic problem, like any other, can be dealt with. How – we will tell you.

1. Dry shampoo
Dry shampoo should settle in your cosmetic bag. It will help out when the hair looks depressing, and there is no time for washing and styling. These shampoos contain mineral powder. The powder absorbs oil and leaves hair looking fresh.

2. What’s at hand
No dry shampoo is not a problem. There are many products that can replace it. For example, starch, soda, clay, baby powder. The main thing is to comb it out of your hair well.

3. Salt spray
Salt water has a texturizing, fixing and, most importantly, degreasing effect. Be sure to use a salt water spray. It is not a problem to buy it in any hair cosmetics store.

4. Alcohol or vodka
No, do not wash down the grief with vodka, but apply it along the partings and the root part, and then dry it with a hairdryer. No need to remind you that alcohol has a degreasing effect, right?

5. Hairstyle bun
Master a few “oily hair” hairstyles — those that hide stale hair. Chief among these hairstyles is, of course, the bun. There are a huge number of them. Learn to tie several.

6. Turban or turban
Among the accessories, the main thing for owners of oily hair is the turban. This oriental headdress is experiencing another peak of its popularity today and hides everything that can only be hidden on the head.

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7. Express wash
Learn how to wash your hair quickly. It is called “wash the bangs”. Separate some of the hair from the forehead, temples and crown, and pin up the rest. Wash and dry the separated strands. Tie the washed and pinned hair together.

8. Don’t need too much
During the headwash, do not overdo it with air conditioning. Apply it from the middle of your hair down. It is not necessary to nourish the root part – it gets food in excess from the sebaceous glands.

9. Not every day
And this mistake is made by all owners of oily hair – they wash their hair every day. But it is worth knowing, the more often you wash your hair, the more actively the pores produce oil. Train yourself to wash your hair at least every other day. Don’t worry, the head will adapt.

10. Rinsing
Try rinsing your hair with water acidified with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. Also, nettle decoction and oak bark decoction (for dark hair) prolongs the freshness of hair (and strengthens the roots).

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