10 ways to combat dry hair

Owners of oily hair do not understand that they are really lucky. If only because oily hair is stronger and healthier than dry. And they perfectly tolerate hair dryers, sea water and bright sun. Dry hair is a special treatment. A step to the side – and it was gone. We will now tell you what you can, what you need, and what you can’t do with dry hair.

1. Less friction
Never rub your hair after washing with a towel. Just get wet and that’s it. Better not with a towel, but with a soft cotton T-shirt. Friction makes hair brittle.

2. More power
By the way, about washing – do not regret the conditioner. If bold or normal has enough volume the size of a 50-kopeck coin, dry need a handful. This means that it is better to forget about conditioners in small bottles so as not to go broke.

3. Roots only
But with shampoo, be careful. Apply shampoo only to the roots and do not need to “wet” the lengths and ends. Foamy running down water will be more than enough. All shampoos reveal scales and wash out not only dirt from the hair structure, but also fat, which is already critically lacking.

4. Care from the inside

If conditioning is enough for oily hair, it is not enough for dry hair. At least once a week, your hair needs to have a “feast” – make a nourishing mask or oil wrap. Don’t worry, overfeeding dry hair is nearly impossible.

5. Without SLS and SLES
Sulfates are usually included in shampoos for foaming. These are the cheapest surfactants and, alas, the most aggressive ones. In short – SLS and SLES dry out the hair and deprive it of its protective barriers. An alternative is organic cosmetics, as well as any product based on natural saponites and glycosides.

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6. A little oil
To reduce the risks of the drying effect of surfactants and increase the overall level of moisture in the hair, you can use this trick – apply a little oil, such as coconut, to your hair 10 minutes before washing. And then wash as usual. The condition of the hair will change a lot.

7. Co-washing
Owners of dry hair should pay attention to such a method of shampooing as co-washing. This is a wash without shampoo, but only with conditioner. Keep in mind that co-waxing conditioner should be free of silicones and parabens.

8.With keratin
Any cosmetics with keratin are a must for dry hair. Let the keratin in the composition of such funds do not fill the structure, but it “sticks” on top, thereby covering the scales and protecting the hair from traumatic external factors.

9. Thermal packing
And while the best advice is not to use a hair dryer, tongs or curling iron at all, we understand that this is an impossible task. So just a reminder, turn on a temperature-controlled hair dryer (and finish drying with cold air). As for the forceps, your maximum is 150 degrees (with thermal protection).

10. Plus protection
Hair doesn’t breathe. Feel free to apply any indelible products to the length and do not be afraid that you will suffocate. This will make it easier to comb, add shine, create a protective film, but not suffocate. Hair, like nails, is dead tissue.

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