11 proven ways to make your shoes even more comfortable

Everyone has problems with shoes. Our editorial team has collected 11 of the most common shoe troubles and found great solutions for them!

Life hacks for shoes

To prevent sweating of your feet from becoming the cause of your bad mood, it is enough to glue panty liners instead of insoles before going out.
To get rid of scratches on your favorite sneakers, nail polish remover will help.

To do this, use a cotton swab to remove all the flaws.
If you don’t have a shoe dryer on hand, use paper to remove moisture.
Ordinary vinegar will help to shine leather shoes and get rid of dirt.
Use the water stick as a boot liner.

Now your favorite shoes will not deform!
This simple trick is enough to make your shoes waterproof!
In winter, slippery shoes are one of the most painful problems. To make the sole more grippy, you need to stick a medical patch on it. First, you should clean the sole of dirt and degrease.
Oatmeal will help get rid of greasy stains on suede shoes.

To do this, simply rub a little natural remedy into the dirty area and leave to act for 30 minutes. At the end of the procedure, wipe the shoes with a piece of cloth.
This simple trick will help to return the old ballet shoes to their former gloss.
To get rid of the unpleasant smell in your sneakers, just place a simple car fragrance under the insole.
To prevent your feet from slipping out of graceful shoes, you should place a homemade fabric insole in them.
Share these useful life hacks with your friends – they will be grateful! We will tell you how to get rid of salt stains on your shoes.

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