13 disfiguring women mistakes in clothes

Women always strive to be stylish and fashionable. But, unfortunately, some ladies, wanting to match modern trends, look just ridiculous.

Mistakes in clothes

The name speaks for itself. Such clothes are intended for sports activities, but not for walking around the city.

Unsuitable underwear
Sagging shoulder straps, a skewed waistband and peeking thongs disfigure anyone …

Makeup and manicure
Bright evening makeup and painted nail designs are more appropriate for special occasions. A lady who gets to the market in this form (you can often see this) looks ridiculous.

Old heels
Broken heels can ruin the appearance of even the most beautiful and expensive shoes. Return your shoes for repair on time.

If you are not a model advertising a certain brand, it is better not to get carried away with clothes full of logos.

Abundance of prints
Do you want to commit a crime against style? Combine several items with an animal print in one look. Zebra dress and leopard tights … smacks of safari!

The rule to combine no more than three colors in one ensemble still works. Bright colors are great, but in moderation.

Sole labels
This little blunder will negate all efforts to look perfect.

Incorrect size
Who are we kidding? Let’s face it and buy jeans for the size, and in the case of the girl in the photo – all two sizes larger …

A popular mistake of many women is to wear transparent thin tights during the cold season. Dense matte and look more appropriate, and they are elementary warmer!


There are those who like to wear all the best at once! What can I say … Don’t do that.

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If your hair reaches your shoulders, then fur clothes should not merge with them – this is an axiom. Applies to both blondes and brunettes. Firstly, the effect is created that you are dressed in your own hair, and secondly, the color of the curls may look less good than the fur of a fur coat.

If you like to wear jeans with a denim shirt, keep in mind that these garments must be different in color. Otherwise, you risk looking like an American worker of the last century.

Everyone decides for himself how to dress and what rules to follow. The main thing is to periodically look at yourself from the outside. What do you consider unacceptable in clothes? Share in the comments!

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