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2 techniques to correct posture and improve blood circulation

Poor posture resulting from a sedentary lifestyle can negatively affect health. The headache that overcomes us is attributed by us to overwork. But in fact, these are malfunctions of blood circulation and lymph outflow. Here are exercises to help you fix the situation.

Among the many postural disorders, rounded shoulders, increased thoracic kyphosis, and an extended head are the most striking and most common. This is not just ugly, but also threatens with serious health consequences. The shortened suboccipital muscles interfere with blood circulation. This leads to headaches, visual impairments, hearing impairments, and sometimes dizziness and loss of consciousness.

2 exercises to improve blood circulation to relieve headaches

An exercise that will help you get rid of incorrect posture and its consequences. This exercise is specially designed for long and short extensors (extensors) of the neck. In order to stretch and properly align these muscles, it is important to position your head back and forth, lowering your chin slightly. You can’t wring your neck back. The exercise goes forward, and the head goes slightly back.

  • We stand with our backs to the wall.
  • We stretch the muscles.
  • We take a breath.
  • We hold our breath.
  • Press the back of your head against the wall for 5 seconds.
  • We exhale.

This exercise changes posture and well-being. It is recommended to do it up to 20 times a day.

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More challenging level of exercise for neck extensors

  • We put our hands in the lock on the back of the head.
  • We tilt the head slightly (angle 30 degrees).
  • We take a breath, opening our elbows and press our head into the lock.
  • Next, increase the slope (up to 45 degrees). We take a breath. We press the back of the head. Exhalation.
  • Largest slope. The back is straight.
  • We take a breath. We press our head on the palms.
  • Exhalation.
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2 techniques to correct posture and improve blood circulation

When the first two exercises are completed, you can proceed to a more complex option – in dynamics.

  • We put our hands behind the head (not behind the neck).
  • We make a slope.
  • Inhale.
  • We hold our breath.
  • We raise our heads and press with our hands. The exercise is performed with tension.
  • We repeat 10-12 times.

When we sit in front of the computer for a long time, at the table, we have an incorrect posture: rounded, hunched shoulders, the head is pushed forward, the pectoralis minor muscles are shortened. The headache that subsequently occurs is often interpreted by us as overwork. But in fact, this is a violation of blood circulation, a violation of lymph outflow through those vessels that pass under the pectoralis minor muscles. And numbness of the hands, cold, pale extremities is a violation of blood circulation and energy, which occurs as a result of overlap at the level of the pectoralis minor muscles.

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If you perform this exercise in combination with the previous ones, you will have excellent posture, you will never have a headache, and you will always be cheerful and cheerful.

Exercise to stretch the pectoralis minor

  • We bend the arm, put the palm on the head or behind the head (not on the neck). The elbow should be at eye level.
  • We stand in the doorway and rest our elbows against the opening.
  • We take a breath, hold our breath and press our elbow against the wall for 5 seconds.
  • We exhale, relax and fall through, holding on to the elbow. The entire pelvis, the thoracic region completely collapses and the chest muscles stretch.
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The exercise is performed at least 4 approaches on one hand, 4 approaches on the other, in the morning and in the evening. Published by

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