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3 essential oils to help you lose weight

At every step we meet advertisements about ways to lose weight quickly. People are on the strictest diets to lose weight as much as possible. But not always everything we try is safe for our health. There are some really effective options to look out for, one of which is the use of essential oils for weight loss.

We are not saying that essential oils will help you lose 10-20 kg quickly. But their use will allow you to gradually normalize weight and further maintain the body in shape without harm to health.

What essential oils contribute to weight loss

Let’s dwell on three essential oils that will help you shed those extra pounds:

Grapefruit – activates special enzymes in the body that break down fat. Grapefruit essential oil is created on the basis of grapefruit peel, and it is very rich in useful compounds that allow to normalize metabolic processes in the body, cleanse it of toxins and toxins, and also improve the functioning of the lymph glands.

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3 essential oils to help you lose weight

This remedy is a diuretic and lymphatic stimulant. It can be used neat by simply rubbing into skin or added to creams. Regular use of this oil promotes the rapid breakdown of body fat. If you want, you can mix the product with patchouli oil, this composition will help reduce hunger if you rub it into the chest area or simply spray it around the room and inhale the scent.

Ginger – Reduces sugar cravings, normalizes the digestive system and eliminates inflammatory processes in the body, which is especially important if you are planning to lose weight. Ginger essential oil contains ingredients that improve the absorption of minerals and vitamins that you get from food.

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3 essential oils to help you lose weight

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Cinnamon oil – helps to normalize blood glucose levels, therefore it is especially suitable for those with diabetes. It also reduces sugar cravings, as unstable blood sugar levels are often a major cause of overeating and fatigue. Add a little cinnamon essential oil to tea, smoothies or baked goods and you will soon feel positive changes in your body.

The essential oils listed above can be used individually or together. It is advisable to pre-dilute the funds with base oils, such as coconut or olive. There are several options for application – spraying, adding to cosmetics or just in a glass of water, in the latter case, one drop of essential oil is enough. published by

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