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4 tips to help lower blood pressure naturally

According to the observations of endocrinologists, the cause of high blood pressure can be an excess of insulin in the blood. Pancreatic hormone controls sugar levels, affects the state of blood vessels. During the examination, the level above the norm is diagnosed in 60-70% of patients with hypertension.

Doctors recommend monitoring insulin levels if you suspect diabetes. The hormone provokes an increase in appetite, is responsible for the processing of fat reserves from the depot into energy for work. Its stabilization in the blood will help lower blood pressure naturally without medication and long-term treatment.

The role of insulin: how to lower blood pressure

Normally, the pancreas makes small amounts of insulin, which is important in the production of energy from food. With an increased level, an imbalance begins in the work of many systems, the vessels become less elastic… They block blood flow, and blood pressure builds up.

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If you have high blood pressure, it is recommended to get tested and check the level of insulin in the blood. With indicators of more than 5 units on an empty stomach, it is necessary to bring them back to normal, adjust nutrition under the supervision of a doctor.

4 tips to help lower blood pressure naturally

You can use 4 simple tips that will help to gently reduce blood pressure, improve a person’s well-being:

1. Exercise several times a week, prioritizing interval training. Sport helps to reduce insulin, restores metabolic processes.

2. Eliminate foods that increase blood sugar. Avoid sweets, desserts, pastries, rice, pasta, pasta and potatoes. Eat more raw, fiber-rich vegetables to help control your insulin levels without dramatic spikes.

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3. Manage stress. Even a minor conflict situation can provoke a rise in blood pressure. To relieve nervous tension, take a bath with aromatic oils, massage, use breathing exercises to relax.

3. Monitor your vitamin D levels. Be in the sun more, walk more often. Do not give up natural dairy products, oils, take vitamin complexes in winter.

The combination of 4 tips, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition helps to normalize weight, strengthen blood vessels and reduce blood pressure. Get tested regularly to control insulin levels, replace passive rest on the couch with active walks, morning runs and swimming.

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