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5 powerful antioxidants for eye health

Our eyes are one of the main organs that allow us to perceive a lot from the world around us. Therefore, it is important to keep your eyes healthy and have regular eye examinations. A balanced diet will help to improve eye health and prevent the development of eye diseases.

It is imperative to include foods containing antioxidants in the diet. Studies have shown that zinc, vitamins E and C, lutein and zeaxanthin can help reduce the risk of developing eye diseases. Most of the nutrients can be obtained from food.

What our eyes need

For eye health, first of all, it is necessary to increase the intake of antioxidants:

1. Zinc, which promotes healthy eye fiber, reduces the progression of various eye diseases. The permissible daily dosage ranges from 40-80 mg. Zinc is found in meats, seafood, vegetables, legumes, mushrooms, spinach, wheat germ, seeds, and nuts.

2. Zeaxanthin and lutein are carotenoids with powerful antioxidant effects. These compounds have the ability to filter blue, which protects the retinal receptors from damage. Lutein and zeaxanthin are found in eggs, peppers, and leafy green vegetables. There are no specific recommendations regarding the daily intake, experts advise adhering to the average rate – 30-40 mg per day.

5 powerful antioxidants for eye health

3. Vitamins E and C, which have antioxidant properties and are involved in the synthesis of collagen, a structural protein. Vitamin E is fat-soluble, prevents free radical damage to the retina, the recommended daily dosage is 10 mg.

The human body is not able to synthesize vitamin C on its own, therefore, the diet should contain foods containing this vitamin (mainly fresh vegetables and fruits), the optimal daily dosage is 90 mg.

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A balanced diet, including the use of foods with antioxidants, will help not only improve vision, but also improve overall health. Also important is the prevention of diseases of the organs of vision, for this, regularly give your eyes a rest (the optimal breaks are 20 seconds every 20 minutes) and have a timely examination by a doctor. Published by

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