5 ways to hide gray hair without dyeing and what not to do with gray hair

Did you miss the moment in business, and the gray roots became visible again? When you can’t sign up for your favorite hairdresser, and home coloring is not your strong point, do not worry: you can mask the silver in your hair, albeit for a short time, without dyeing. A lifesaver between going to the hairdresser!
We will tell you how to get rid of gray hair without staining, how to prevent its appearance and what absolutely cannot be done if gray hair has already appeared.

Gray hair in women

Change the parting
Women who have encountered gray hair know that the problem primarily affects the parting area. Sometimes, to hide gray hair, you just need to change the parting and style your hair on the other side. Having shifted the usual parting area, you will find that there are practically no gray hairs there, so you can safely go to an important event.

Add volume

If it was not possible to sign up for a hairdresser, and gray hair at the roots appeared unexpectedly, it can be easily hidden by making a voluminous styling and lifting the strands painted at the roots. And if you add light curls or flirty curls to the volume, you can hide gray hairs much more reliably and add originality and playfulness to your everyday look.

Braid a braid

Another way out of the situation is a volumetric braid (a regular braid will not help here). True, such a life hack is suitable only for owners of long hair. You will have to sweat, but a voluminous hairstyle with complex weaving will cover gray roots for one or two times and make your image much more interesting.

Use the accessories

If the length of your hair does not allow you to weave braids, and voluminous curls simply do not suit your face, use hair accessories! Headbands, hairpins, headbands, silk scarves – there are a million ways to play up a hairstyle in such a way that no one would even think of paying attention to the gray hairs at the roots.

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Use special means
If there is no time for staining at all, and the gloss needs to be applied urgently, use tint products. Fortunately, there are even a dime a dozen such on the market! All of them, of course, help to hide the ill-fated gray hair only for a short period of time, but this is quite enough to maintain a neat appearance in between visits to the hairdresser.

You can go over the problem areas of the head with a matte eyeshadow that matches the tone of the hair. In order not to stain the scalp, it is better to put the applicator aside and use a brush.

How to prevent gray hair

Very often, out of ignorance or despair, women go all out and start pulling out gray hairs. It is absolutely impossible to do this! After such a procedure, the hair will simply stop growing, and an even more hateful receding hairline will appear in place of the once hated gray hair, which cannot be masked in a few minutes.

To prevent the early appearance of gray hair and to delay this process, trichologists recommend paying attention to your lifestyle.

How to prevent gray hair
It is extremely important to adhere to a healthy lifestyle, sleep and eat well, take time to rest and, of course, get rid of bad habits like smoking.

Another reason for the early appearance of gray hair is constant stress. The ability not to worry about trifles and to be in control with yourself in critical situations will help not only smooth out the negative effects of stress on the body, but also on the health of the hair.
Do not forget to make up for the deficiency of nutrients and microelements not only with food, but also with vitamin complexes.
The best way to disguise gray hair is with professional coloring. But it is worth remembering that hair dyes contain a large number of aggressive components: ammonia, peroxide, formaldehyde. Frequent exposure to hair increases fragility and deteriorates hair structure. When resorting to coloring, use gentle hair colors and try not to do it too often.
Not a single charming lady is safe from the appearance of gray hair! Salons are salons, but after a couple of weeks, the hated silver strands will again make themselves felt, because the secrets of how to hide gray hair between stains and how to prevent its spread will definitely come in handy for all women.

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And how do you hide gray hair if it appeared at the wrong time? Share your secrets in the comments.

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