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6 easy tricks to get rid of a double chin

A “double” chin often begins to appear at a young age and becomes a cause of grief for many women. An ugly fold is one of the signs of poor posture, metabolic disorders, nutritional errors, and a sedentary lifestyle.

You can perform these simple exercises either separately, for problematic parts of the face, or include them in the morning gymnastics complex. Start with a few repetitions, gradually increase the number of repetitions, so that daily activities in the morning and evening take 5-6 minutes.

The best exercises to get rid of a double chin

1. I. P. – lying on the bed. Place your head on the edge of the bed. Tilt your head back, looking up, trying to see the floor behind you.

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2. IP – sitting on the bed with legs folded “in Turkish” style. The back should be straight, the shoulders should be lowered. Clench your teeth, tilt your head back, as if trying to “tear” your head off your shoulders. Stretch down with your shoulders. Stick your lower lip forward and move your jaw up and down several times.

3. I. P. – the same. Perform 10 head turns to the right. Then, the same number of turns to the left. Tilt your head forward 10 times in a row, applying force. Then throw it back vigorously.

6 easy tricks to get rid of a double chin

4. I. P. – the same. As you inhale through your nose, tighten your tongue and press it against your lower jaw, well below your teeth. If you do this movement correctly, you will feel the tension of the muscles throughout the chin and neck area. As you exhale, completely relax the muscles in your face and neck.

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5. I. P. – the same. Cover your mouth. Rest the tip of your tongue against the upper palate. Tighten your tongue as much as possible and at a very slow pace move the tip to the front teeth. At the same time, vigorously strain all tissues of the submandibular and chin regions. You can support your chin with your palm at the same time. Move the tip of your tongue across the upper palate, slowly counting to ten. Give yourself some rest – relax all the muscles in your face and neck for 3-5 seconds. Repeat 4-6 times.

6. I. P. – the same. Tilt your head back so that your chin rises. Now try to cover the upper lip with the lower lip, trying to touch the tip of the nose.… Of course, you will not be able to get to the tip of the nose, but if you do this exercise regularly, then the second chin will not appear.

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