6 effective ways to get rid of insects in your home

No one likes insects in the house, but it’s not worth treating the apartment with harmful chemicals just like that. If this chemistry kills insects, then it is definitely not 100% safe for us and our pets. Therefore, we suggest that you get rid of insects with more natural means.

1. Cockroaches
Cockroaches, besides being unpleasant, can be carriers of various diseases. The stores sell many remedies against them, but the composition of most is very toxic. Our way to get rid of cockroaches is cheap and simple, but at the same time, what is important, effective and safe for health.

Recipe: Chop finely onions and add 1 tbsp. l. soda. Spread the resulting mixture in the corners of the apartment. Repeat this daily – and soon all cockroaches will disappear from your home.

2. Ticks
Ticks come in a variety of colors and sizes, but all types are very dangerous. Therefore, it is so important to protect the family and animals from the appearance of these insects in the house. If you’re not ready to use chemicals on your skin, here are some natural and safe recipes.

Human repellent
Mix 20 drops of geranium essential oil, 10 drops of aromatic bison oil, 5 drops of lavender oil, 5 drops of lemon oil and 1 tbsp. l. medical alcohol. Dilute this mixture with 100 ml of water or vinegar and pour into a spray bottle. Shake well before use and apply to clothing before going outside.

Repellent for dogs
Dogs can pick up a tick at any time, so check your pet after every walk, especially after spending time in the park.

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To make a repellent, mix 20 drops each of geranium oil and peppermint oil with 2 tbsp. l. almond oil. Apply the mixture to the animals’ withers before walking.

Do not use on a pregnant animal.

3. Garden pests
Aphids, spider mites and other pests can destroy your garden in no time. Sure, you can use pesticides, but they often affect both the taste and health benefits of the fruits and vegetables you grow.

Recipe: mix half a cup of hot peppers with the same amount of garlic or onions, whisk everything until a smooth paste. Then add half a liter of warm water. Leave the mixture for 24 hours, strain. Spray the resulting solution on the plant.

4. Spiders
Even if poisonous spiders do not live in your area, you are unlikely to like the fact that you even have them in your house. Because small spiders are sometimes very scary.

A natural repellent will not kill spiders, but it will scare them away with its scent.

Recipe: Mix 5-10 drops of peppermint oil, 200 ml of water and 1 tsp. liquid detergent. Shake the mixture well and spray in corners where spiders are present once a week. This will force the spiders to leave their homes. By the way, you can replace peppermint oil in the recipe with eucalyptus, cinnamon, lavender or tea tree oil.

5. Ants
Ants are very annoying and can appear out of nowhere. If they have infiltrated your kitchen, there is an easy way to make it less attractive to insects and make the entire colony go away.

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Recipe: Ants absolutely hate the smell of cinnamon. Sprinkle cinnamon powder where you think these insects are entering your home. It will be even more effective if you add cinnamon essential oil to the cinnamon powder. It will also spread the pleasant smell of spices throughout your home.

6. Dust mites
The ticks are so small that we can’t even see them with the naked eye. But, unfortunately, they love to live in warm and dusty places and dine on the skin epithelium. Therefore, most likely, they can freely live right in your bed!

Although ticks do not bite, doctors believe they can cause allergic reactions and skin irritation. Therefore, it is still not worth sharing the bed with them, but it is better to get rid of dust mites.

Recipe: Mix 6 tbsp. l. eucalyptus oil with liquid detergent in a bucket of water. Use this solution to clean the floor and any items in the house that can be washed with water, then wipe dry.

If something cannot be washed, simply spray the solution onto the object and walk over the surface with a clean rag. By the way, you can use tea tree oil instead of eucalyptus oil if you like its smell better.

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