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7 exercises to improve vision and skin condition of the eyelids

How to get rid of bags under the eyes, crow’s feet and ptosis of the upper eyelids? How to improve vision without radical methods? Simple exercises for the eye muscles will help you with this.

Thanks to daily training in a month or two, it will be possible not only to significantly improve the condition of the eyelid skin, but also to restore vision, for example, to get rid of hyperopia.

Training of the oculomotor muscles

The workout includes 7 effective exercises:

It is necessary to slowly move your gaze to the left horizontally as far as possible, then return to the starting position and move your gaze to the right. You should make 4 “turns” in each direction.

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Slowly move your gaze up to the stop, return to the original position and look down… In each direction you need to make 4 “turns”.

7 exercises to improve vision and skin condition of the eyelids

Slowly move your gaze diagonally up and to the left, then return to the starting position and look down and to the right. Perform 4 “turns” in each direction.

Move your gaze up and to the right vertically, return to the starting position, then direct your gaze down and to the right.

Perform 4 “turns” in each direction.

Without haste, make circular movements with your eyes, as if following the second hand. In total, you need to “go” 4 circles clockwise and the same amount against.

Blink quickly for 20 seconds.

Rub your palms until you feel warm, put your palms to your eyes so that their center is at pupil level, lower your eyelids and let your eyes rest for 30-60 seconds. While doing this exercise, you can imagine something pleasant or a “transition” of heat from the center of the palms to the eyes.

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During training, there should be no discomfort, the eye muscles should not be overstrained. If you feel unpleasant while doing any exercise, do 6 or 7 exercises and reduce the number of repetitions the next time. As a result of such training, it will be possible to improve vision, get rid of wrinkles around the eyes and raise the upper eyelids.

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