7 ingenious ways to use a hair dryer

Everyone has this device on the farm, but not everyone knows about its unique capabilities. Today our editorial staff will tell you about eight everyday life hacks using a hair dryer. These tricks will save you if you spilled wax on your favorite carpet or did not put an important document in an envelope, or maybe unexpected guests came to you … It’s hard to imagine that a simple hairdryer can cope with these difficulties, but it is so! hair…

… For removing stains from wood surfaces

Sometimes, placing a mug on a wooden table, you notice that there is a terrible mark on the table. This stain can be easily removed by heating it with a hairdryer for 1-2 minutes ….

When inflating the mattress

Have unexpected guests come to you and have nowhere to accommodate them? Having learned this life hack, it will be easy to inflate the mattress. Cut off the bottom of the plastic bottle and secure it with tape to the hair dryer. Now you can safely start inflating!

… To remove the patch

Removing the patch is an unpleasant and painful thing, but it turns out that the pain can be avoided! Warm up the place where it is glued for a few minutes and remove it with ease ….

For opening envelopes

Have you ever sent important papers by mail? Then you know exactly what it means to forget to put one of the documents in an envelope. Now you don’t have to buy new brands. To open an already sealed envelope, it is enough to warm up the adhesive strip with a hair dryer for two minutes …

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To remove wax stains

Fancy a candlelit romance? But after a wonderful evening, terrible wax stains remained on the carpet … They can be removed with a hair dryer. Start warming the dirty surface with a few paper towels. Blot hot wax with them. As a result, all the wax should collect on the towel …

To smooth out wrinkled clothing

No iron at hand – no problem! Sprinkle the crumpled item with water and dry thoroughly with a hairdryer. The result is not a single fold! …

To align the shape of the glasses

Glasses don’t fit the way they used to? It is possible to align them: heating the plastic parts of the glasses with a hairdryer, you can manually adjust their shape.

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