7 tips on how to dye your hair correctly so that color doesn’t age

Make-up, hairstyle, and hair color can all indicate our age. But a new haircut can not only correct the shape of the face, but also completely change the appearance. With dyeing, everything is also serious: an incorrectly chosen shade of hair can easily add an extra ten years to you, even if it is he who is at the very height of fashion.

If you have decided to dye your hair, but have not yet decided on the choice of color, read our article. Together with Anastasia Ermolova, an expert from Paul Mitchell, we figured out which stains add age, and which, on the contrary, help to visually rejuvenate.

For brunettes: give up tone-on-tone staining
If you are the owner of dark hair, then give up boring coloring in one tone. Warm caramel highlights on the hair will soften the facial features, add volume to the hairstyle and add light and lightness to the image. And they will definitely make you a little younger. Moreover, such staining does not take much time and allows you to visit the hairdresser much less often, because the regrowth of the roots is not so noticeable. Or catch an alternative: ask your master to leave the roots dark and create a slow and natural transition to light ends – this will beautifully illuminate the skin and add volume to fine hair. This dyeing technique is also suitable for those for whom blond hair does not suit, but the dream of becoming a blonde haunts.

Blondes: gold and honey instead of platinum shades
Blond beauties are better off abandoning platinum blonde. A win-win option is golden and honey tones. These shades will give the skin a glow, make the face more expressive and add the touching defenselessness inherent in young girls to the image.

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Coloring in pastel colors – minus 10 years of age
Another fashion trend is pastel coloring, which is ideal for girls of any age. After all, gentle tones are associated with youth, lightness and carelessness, so inherent in a young age. And this is exactly what we need.

Down with “Gothic” coloring
There are such shades with which special care is needed, since they are not suitable for many people, but for some reason they have been at the peak of popularity for many years. For example, black or very dark chestnut, as well as some reds and purples. Dark colors – not only in hair, but also in clothing – add age to most women. In addition, when combined with fair skin, they can highlight some of the imperfections of the face. Therefore, even if you are a lover of gothic coloring, add a few lighter strands around the face and along the entire length of the hair.

Forget the supermarket paints

After a certain age, it is advisable to wave goodbye with a pen with all kinds of store hair dyes in bright boxes. Most of these dyes, unfortunately, involve dyeing in one tone, which will immediately make your face tired and add several years to your real age. A few lighter strands will add depth to the color, volume to your hair, and lightness and ease to your image.

Paint over gray hair

Yes, naturalness has been at the height of fashion for several seasons. But being natural does not mean being unkempt, and refusing to paint over gray hair is not the best solution if you want to look younger. If you still want to leave gray hair, add some warm notes to the color.

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Always choose a dye slightly lighter than your “native” hair color

Hair, like skin, loses pigment with age. Therefore, do not try to choose a shade as close as possible to what you had in your school photo. It is better to ask your master to pick up the paint a little lighter – this way you will look much more natural.

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