8 useful tricks for a good wash

Did you get to hear from your husband that washing cannot get tired, as the machine does? But the presence of a washing machine does not solve the problem of removing stains or preserving the color of clothes, on the contrary.
Washing clothes in a typewriter
It’s not for nothing that you rarely see men doing this, besides, they always manage to lose socks in a typewriter.

Washing has its own nuances, and today we will tell you how to wash your laundry while maintaining its color and size.
Turn your clothes inside out. If you think that things are better washed off the front side, then this is not so. Rather, the color is washed out, and if there are zippers and buttons, they will hit the machine door during the entire wash. Be sure to fasten buttons and zippers and turn clothes inside out so as not to damage other items.
To get rid of stains on clothes, it is not enough just to put them in washing clothes, especially if they have grease stains or from tea or coffee. Before washing, apply dish detergent to the stain and leave it on for 5 minutes, then you can wash it in the machine. This method is effective for removing fresh grease, ketchup, or ink.
Tea, coffee and clumsiness are enemies of light clothes, and when washing dark clothes, a cup of strong coffee or black tea poured into the drum does not hurt. Yes, yes, you need to pour it directly on things. The bottom line is that this way the color will last longer, and washing dark clothes in a typewriter will become a little cheaper.
There is also a non-standard remedy for whitening. Garments that are yellow or gray can be whitened with aspirin. Grind 5 aspirin tablets into powder and add to the washing powder, the result will definitely please you.

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If there are old stains on the clothes, dissolve the tablets in water and soak things overnight (1 aspirin tablet in 1 liter of water), then squeeze and wash as usual in the machine.

To machine wash your sneakers, you must first wash them. If you don’t have a shoe wash bag, you can tie the laces up and pinch the end of the shoe in the door. So the shoes will not rattle and beat on the drum.
Washing white items in a typewriter does not always guarantee washed out sweat stains, so they must be removed before throwing items into the typewriter. Use lemon and baking soda to get rid of sweat marks on white clothes. Mix lemon juice with baking soda in a 1: 1 ratio, apply on stains and leave for 15 minutes. Then wash things in a typewriter.
In a place where there are no conditions for washing clothes, you can wash soiled clothes too. This requires a Zip package. Put clothes in it and fill it with water, add washing powder. Leave things in a buttoned bag for 15 minutes, let the air out and remember the bag in your hands. Then just rinse things off.
To keep colored items bright, you need to salt them.

Salt “seals” bright colors in the fibers of the fabric and retains bright color for a long time.
In the machine you can wash not only clothes and shoes, there is also a small list of things that do not even inspire thoughts about washing in a machine. From time to time you need to wash and pillows, even if your pillow turns yellow, it can be returned to its proper look at home.

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