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9 harmful ingredients that don’t belong in your cosmetics

Cosmetic products are a large niche in the chemical industry. And some of the ingredients in our skincare products can pose potential health risks. If you have familiarized yourself with the contents of the label and found any of these 9 substances on it, do not rush to buy this cosmetic product.

Before purchasing a particular product, we are accustomed to studying labels that indicate the composition of goods. What we put on our skin is absorbed, penetrates into the body. And some ingredients in beauty products can pose real health risks.

Harmful components in care products

How to navigate the world of sustainable beauty? We offer a list of ingredients that should be avoided in cosmetics.

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The ingredients used to create fragrances can cause respiratory diseases, dermatitis, reproductive system disorders, and allergies. It makes sense to choose perfume-free cosmetics.


These ingredients are found in perfumes, but they can be damaging to many systems in the body. Phthalates are also found in nail polishes, toys for children, lotions, hair sprays, and skin care products. Particular attention should be paid to the names “dibutyl phthalate” and “diethyl phthalate”. Phthalates are known to have a detrimental effect on the reproductive system of women.

9 harmful ingredients that don't belong in your cosmetics

Mineral oil

Found in baby oils, gels, and body moisturizers, mineral oil is simply a preservative that helps retain moisture and prolongs the shelf life of the product. Mineral oil is a carcinogen that is a by-product of oil refining.


Parabens are preservatives that prevent the growth of yeast and mold in products; they are present in foundations, cleansers and showers, deodorants, and lotions. Parabens have a negative effect on hormones, disrupting the content of estrogen, which in the long term can worsen women’s health. Hazardous ingredients: isopropyl, isobutyl, or all components of cosmetics with the suffix – paraben.

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Triclosan is found in toothpastes, hand sanitizers, and deodorants. This component is hormone-depleting. It damages the immune system and muscle function.


This ingredient works like estrogen when absorbed and can trigger endometriosis. Oxybenzone is usually found in sunscreens.


It is a preservative that prevents the growth of bacteria and is a carcinogen. Causes an allergic reaction, found in nail varnishes, shampoos and conditioners, eyeshadow and shower gels.

Sodium lauryl sulfate

This substance causes eye damage, acne and skin irritation. Available in toothpastes, mouthwashes, foundations, cleansers, and shampoos. This component creates “foam” and works as a surfactant.


This ingredient is used in cosmetics against hyperpigmentation. Hydroquinone is a lightening agent that reduces the melanin content of the skin. It is a carcinogen and neurotoxin that causes allergies. published by

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