9 simple life hacks to make your kitchen work easier

Housewives do a lot of all sorts of things every day around the house, including in the kitchen. All this takes up a significant part of her free time. Therefore, craftswomen should think about how to regularly replenish their arsenal of “useful knowledge” that can significantly speed up and simplify (helping to relieve fatigue) the execution of familiar things. Let’s talk about a few of these tips.

1. Foam paddle

In order to protect your favorite stove from contamination with boiled foam, it is enough to put a wooden spatula on a saucepan with a boiling product. Place it on top of an open vat. Such a simple action will save the stove from the subsequent laborious cleaning and washing.

2. Sticks against bones
Squeezing cherry pits is quick and easy! To do this, you need rice sticks, as well as a bottle with a small neck. Put the cherry on the open neck and squeeze the bone out of it with a stick into the bottle. The method works flawlessly, the main thing is that the cherries are not entirely small.

3. Lemon for disinfection

It is recommended from time to time to sacrifice at least one lemon for purity. We cut it into slices, dip it in salt and use it for consistent cleaning of cutting boards, graters, food trays and other things that constantly come into contact with food and can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

4. Microwave humidification
Want to make a cold bun or pizza not only hot, but also soft and enjoyable? Then you should put a glass of water in the microwave oven and only after that start the heating process. The pizza will be fresh and soft thanks to the evaporated water.

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5. Homemade powder
Out of powdered sugar, but no time to run to the store? The most important thing is that the farm has sugar and a coffee grinder. Just add and grind. In less than five minutes you will have enough powdered sugar in the house again.

6. Frying with ice
Are dishes constantly burning in the pan, and even butter and fat do not help? This is due to too high a temperature. A neat solution to the problem is to throw a couple of ice cubes directly onto the platter. It will lower the temperature and prevent sticking. Don’t worry, all the water will have time to boil away.

7. We clean the tomato
Do you need to peel a fresh tomato? This will be much easier if you first pour boiling water over the vegetable. By the way, this works with other products as well. Including when cleaning fish from scales.

8. New honey
One of the main features of honey is that over time it crystallizes and hardens. Eating such honey is no longer so pleasant. Fortunately, the issue can be resolved using an ordinary pot of boiling water. Heat the water and put a container of honey in it for a few minutes. It will be like new.

9. Peeling potatoes easily
In order to very easily and quickly peel the potatoes from the hated peel, you can first boil it in their uniform, and then put it in a container with ice for a few minutes. After such tweaks, the skin will literally get off the root crop itself.

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