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A simple exercise for good posture

Correct posture refers to the ability to maintain a straight back without any muscular effort. If you need extra strength to keep your back straight, or if you feel tension in your spine, then most likely there are postural problems.

Poor posture can cause many diseases. Curvature of the spine spoils the appearance, disrupts the gait. When stooping, the abdomen protrudes and the chest collapses, which prevents proper ventilation of the lungs. By doing simple breathing exercises for posture regularly, you can straighten your spine, reduce slouching, and relieve back pain.

Respiratory gymnastics for posture

1. Standing bends

Starting position – standing, take your hands behind your back, interlace your fingers. Turn your hands over, palms down, and take a deep breath. While exhaling, bend forward, at the same time raise your joined hands as high as possible.

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Make sure that your arms remain straight until the end of the exercise, they should not bend at the elbows. Tilt your head forward, try to keep your straight arms higher. Fix this position for a few seconds while holding your breath. Without opening your palms, slowly straighten up. Repeat all movements several times.

A simple exercise for good posture

2. Bends on the knees

Starting position – sit on your knees. Perform all movements as in the first exercise. When leaning forward, the forehead should touch the floor surface.

This exercise has an excellent healing effect. When done regularly, your waist will become flexible, the exercise will strengthen the muscle corset and reduce the appearance of slouching.… It can be performed both for the treatment of postural disorders and for its prevention, especially in childhood.

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