About me

Cordelia King

My name is Cordelia. I am a female and family photographer.

The profession of a photographer appeared in my life 10 years ago. I have always been a creative person, since childhood I loved to draw, make crafts from a variety of materials. But, as often happens, the child follows the wishes of the parents. And my parents’ desire was far from the realm of art.

I received 2 higher educations in the field of economics – REA them. G.V. Plekhanov on the course “Economist-Legal Studies” and the Higher School of Economics and Service on the course “Marketing Management”. Actually, she worked in the field of marketing, rose to the director of marketing from the lowest level. She knew marketing, as they say, from cover to cover. And I even got used to it))) But it so happened that the fate of my plans itself changed. In 2010, I quit to change jobs, and after 3 weeks I found out about my pregnancy. The question of finding a job has disappeared by itself. And … I started doing what I loved … photography !!!

At the moment I am engaged in different genres – child, family photography, but my favorite one is a woman’s portrait. I really like to film pregnancy, because it brings me back to the magical memories of that part of my life, to the changes in me, to the time when the hobby turned into a profession.