Acorn Drink: Coffee Taste & Reduced Blood Sugar!

Ecology of consumption. You need to pick ripe acorns, green or brown, hard to the touch, if pressed with a finger, it means wormy. If harvested from branches, they should easily separate from the caps.

Our Ancestors revered the oak, because he is the Sacred Tree of our Ancestor – God Perun. At all times and until now, Kummir Perun is carved from oak. Oak is a tree of Warriors and Knights. In Russia, the oak is considered the personification of male strength and power. He is the most energetically strong tree. Oak is a powerful tree, a symbol of immense vitality and wisdom. Oak energizes for a long time, helping everyone who wants to become truly strong. Our Ancestors knew that the oak helps with hopeless diseases, mortal wounds and used this knowledge in folk healing.

Walks in the oak forest have a beneficial effect on the work of the heart and the nervous system. Oak is one of the most powerful amulets from the evil eye and damage. For personal protection from negative vibrations, you can have an oak solar symbol or a cross, oak beads or beads with you. Acorns (in the form of a beautiful garland) can be hung on the windows as a talisman, which will prevent evil forces from entering your house.

The acorn is the fruit of the oak, revered for its healing properties since antiquity. Few people know that the acorn also has unique culinary properties. The acorn is an undeservedly forgotten and underestimated food product. Our Ancestors boiled acorns in boiling water, dried and prepared flour, from which acorn cakes, bread, and coffee drink were made. The listed foods are very good for the stomach.

Nutritional value of acorns.

Acorns contain proteins, carbohydrates, tannins, tannins and a large amount of starch. The most useful component is the active substance quercetin, which is endowed with many beneficial properties. This substance relieves spasms, edema and inflammation, has a diuretic and antioxidant effect.

The benefits of drinking acorns.

Acorns contain substances that affect blood sugar levels, lowering them to normal levels. That is why they are useful for patients with diabetes mellitus.

Oak fruits are also used as a means of normalizing the work of the cardiovascular system and opposing the development of arrhythmias. With regular use of the drink from acorns, palpitations and a feeling of tightness in the chest area disappear. “Coffee” made from oak fruit can be drunk safely for hypertensive patients. The aromatic drink does not provoke an increase in pressure, and the taste is very similar to coffee made from coffee beans.

Acorns have antibacterial properties. They are able to destroy the infection, thereby protecting the human body from disease. In the composition of acorns there are substances that have an astringent effect. Acorns perfectly help with diseases of the genitourinary system – they increase potency, help eliminate enuresis, and are useful for the treatment of some female diseases.

Acorns also have a beneficial effect on the digestive system, in particular, in acute and chronic colitis, in case of indigestion. Acorns perfectly cope with coughs in asthma or bronchitis. For the treatment of such diseases, it is recommended to regularly consume “coffee” from oak fruit.

Making “coffee” from acorns.

Acorns are harvested from late September to October. You need to collect ripe acorns, green or brown, hard to the touch. If they are pressed with a finger, then they are wormy. If harvested from branches, they should easily separate from the caps.

Acorn Drink: Coffee Taste & Reduced Blood Sugar!

Pour the collected acorns into a container with water. Remove those that have surfaced, and remove the drowned acorns from the water, spread them on a baking sheet in one layer and put in a preheated oven for 5-10 minutes. During this time, most acorns will burst and take on a dark brown color, making it easier to peel them off.

Warm and moist acorns, removed from the oven and peeled from the shell, pass through a meat grinder (dry ones are hard to twist). Dry the resulting “minced meat” on baking sheets or in a dryer until tender. Store the finished raw materials in glass jars or in multilayer paper bags.

In order to prepare a coffee drink, you need to grind the acorns in a coffee grinder and fry in a dry frying pan, stirring constantly. Depending on the degree of roasting, a different taste is obtained.

You need to brew “coffee” from acorns in the same way as coffee beans are prepared, at the rate of one teaspoon of powder per cup of water. Add cane sugar, honey, milk to taste. It turns out a rather tasty drink, somewhat reminiscent of coffee, and sometimes, cocoa with milk (depending on the degree of roasting in a pan and the addition of spices). “Coffee” made from acorns very well tones up, easily eliminates headaches.

I can say that I treated this drink to very inveterate coffee lovers and they really liked it. True, they said that they were too lazy to deal with the preparation of acorns. The main enemy of our health is laziness, it’s easier to go to the store, buy some kind of water bottle and ruin your health. I can please you that in one evening my husband and I prepared so much “coffee” powder from acorns passed through a meat grinder that it will last for at least six months, so it won’t take you much time to harvest the acorns.

There are also secrets of how you can diversify the taste of your “coffee” drink made from acorns. You can use spices for this. In this case, your acorn “coffee” will acquire additional beneficial properties. Spices are good: cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg.

A drink made from acorns and other plants.

You need to take 30 grams. toasted acorns, 20 gr. barley, 10 gr. rye, oats and dandelion root, 15 gr. wheat and 20 gr. wild chicory, grind it all in a coffee grinder and pour into a glass container – for example, a resealable jar. This mixture is brewed and drunk like tea: 1 teaspoon per 250 ml. boiling water, adding brown sugar, honey or milk to taste.

Acorn flour.

You can even make porridge from acorns. And acorn flour is suitable for baking various goodies. The recipe for its preparation is quite simple. Collect oak fruits, peel, cut into several parts and soak in water for 2 days. Stir and change the water from time to time at least 4 times. Boil the acorns, drain the water. Pass the boiled fruits through a meat grinder, then dry in the air, and then in the oven. The resulting mass is suitable both for the manufacture of acorn groats and for the manufacture of acorn flour (with a finer grinding).

A very nutritious porridge is cooked from such acorn groats – in a saucepan. Pour water (100 gr.) And milk (200 ml.), Add salt and a little melted butter, heat the liquid to a boil, pour the cereal and stir. When the cereal swells, the porridge is boiled, stirring, over low heat until it thickens. Then cover the stewpan with a lid and put in the oven. When the porridge is cooked, it is immediately served hot, adding more butter to taste.

Acorn flour bread.

Such bread is very useful for the stomach, as the substances contained in acorns help to cleanse it. We must take 400 gr. acorn flour, 100 gr. wheat flour and mix thoroughly.

A coffee drink made from chicory roots.

The chicory drink is not only tasty, but also very healthy. First, chicory lowers blood sugar levels, which is why diabetics need it. Secondly, chicory normalizes blood pressure by expanding blood vessels and regulating the work of the heart. Regular use of chicory can reduce the manifestations of tachycardia, arrhythmias, and heart failure.

In addition, chicory cleanses the liver and blood, removes toxins and toxins from the body, and improves metabolism. With neuroses and depressive states with increased excitability, chicory is able to gently calm a person.

To make coffee from chicory roots, they do all the same operations as with acorns.

Rye coffee.

It is made from roasted and ground rye grains. Rye is rich in amino acids, fiber, iron and vitamins A, B, E and PP.

Rye coffee improves digestion, gently cleanses the body of toxins, and reduces the likelihood of developing cancer. To make coffee from rye grains, they do all the same operations as with acorns.

Barley coffee.

Barley is rich in carbohydrates and fiber and is highly nutritious. Barley also contains protein, as well as many vitamins, for example, vitamins A, B, D, C, E. Barley is a natural antioxidant, it rejuvenates the body and slows down the aging process. Barley drink is very useful for heart and digestive system diseases. Barley “coffee” lowers blood cholesterol levels, takes care of the heart and blood vessels. To prepare “coffee” from barley grains, do all the same operations as with acorns.

As a raw material for the production of coffee drinks, you can use the roots of medicinal dandelion, burdock, elecampane high, viburnum seeds, fruits of the forest apple, mountain ash, blood-red hawthorn, cinnamon rose hips, hazel nuts.

The listed roots and fruits are harvested in the fall. They must be rinsed thoroughly several times. Then they are cut into pieces and dried in an oven, dryer or oven (dried roots and fruits should have no more than 12-13% moisture and break with a crunch). After that, they are processed into powder or stored whole in tightly closed jars or multilayer paper bags.

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