Alkalizing celery lemonade

Why celery juice? Celery has anti-inflammatory and alkaline properties, calming the digestive system and restoring the body. In addition, it is a diuretic that helps the body get rid of toxins and waste products.

Celery contains antioxidants known as anti-inflammatories. Inflammation is often a contributing factor to chronic diseases such as IBS, heart disease, arthritis, cancer, and others. Eating a diet high in anti-inflammatory foods and low in foods that can cause inflammation (such as sugar, dairy, corn, meat, and wheat) can help the body and prevent this from happening. Celery is good for the digestive system and prevents ulcers. ✅Celery contains a type of ethanol extract useful in protecting the lining of the digestive tract from ulcers. Research shows that it is able to replenish depleted levels of stomach mucus, which is needed in the stomach lining to prevent tiny holes from forming. The various flavanoids, tannins, essential oils and alkaloids present in celery are believed to nourish the stomach, colon and intestines, control stomach acid levels, and improve the protective mucus layer. Celery can help prevent the accumulation of fat in the liver. In one study, animals were fed a high cholesterol diet and one of the groups included celery, chicory, and barley in the diet. In this group of animals, an improvement in liver enzyme function and blood lipid levels was observed.

Celery and Lemon cocktail. Recipe


  • 1 bunch of celery

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  • 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice

  • ½ glass of water

Alkalizing celery lemonade


Cut the celery into pieces. Add with lemon juice and water to a blender. Whisk until smooth. Strain into a jug through cheesecloth. Enjoy!

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