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All about chimney cleaning in questions and answers

It is necessary to engage in prevention and clean the chimney from time to time. We will answer common questions on this topic.

The deposition of soot in the chimney can lead not only to a deterioration in draft, but also to more serious problems. Soot can catch fire, which will eventually lead to deformation of the chimney itself, its repair, and in the worst case – a fire throughout the house.

Chimney operation

  1. What preventive measures can be taken to prevent soot from forming in the chimney? There is a proven folk method – once a week, burn dried potato peelings in a stove or fireplace. Organic matter will interact with soot and begin to destroy it. In addition, we advise you to periodically use just aspen firewood. Methods such as adding table salt and starch to the fire help a lot. However, we emphasize that this is precisely prevention, if the chimney is already clogged, there is a lot of soot, you will have to clean it;
  2. Do chimney cleaning chemicals help? As practice shows, yes, they are able to cope with plaque on the walls of the chimney. You must use such chemicals strictly according to the instructions on the package! They cost differently – from 25 to 500 rubles. But, as in the case of folk methods, it is more likely prevention, chemistry will not cope with severe blockages and a half-clogged chimney. In addition, chemicals can push large chunks of soot into the chimney, and it gets clogged somewhere in the middle, it gets even worse;

All about chimney cleaning in questions and answers

  1. The neighbor advised me to simply soak a rag with gasoline, set it on fire and throw it into the chimney. Says the soot will burn out. Is it so? Never do that! You risk burning down the whole house, this is from a series of “bad advice”;

All about chimney cleaning in questions and answers

  1. I heard that you can pierce a chimney with hot steam, pouring water into a hot furnace. Will this method help? We strongly advise against even trying! Steam can form a so-called “water gas” in the chimney, and it burns well. The result is a sharp combustion of soot and a high risk of fire;
  2. It turns out that there is no alternative to mechanical chimney cleaning? Yes. If the pipe is already clogged by at least a third, you will have to clean it using special brushes, ruffs on the rope;

All about chimney cleaning in questions and answers

Important! Using homemade or fake chimney cleaning tools can cause all of these items to just stay inside. And the chimney will have to be disassembled! Use only special tools, ask someone or rent if you don’t want to hire a professional chimney sweep. The rope must be at least 8 millimeters thick, and the weight and eyelet must be cast iron. Check all fasteners so that the load does not exactly break off inside the chimney – it will completely clog it.

  1. Where should you start cleaning the pipe? If your chimney is about 50% clogged, start cleaning from the bottom! If the process is started from the top, there is a risk that the coke formed in the chimney will fall down and finally clog the chimney. First, clean the stove or boiler itself, and then proceed to the vertical part of the chimney;

All about chimney cleaning in questions and answers

  1. There are ruffs on a flexible rod, with a thread. How to use them? This is a convenient device, the length of the rod can be increased to the desired size by screwing on additional parts. However, it is very important to turn the bar correctly inside the pipe! If you do this in the direction of unwinding the thread, the tool will simply figure it out and it will be very difficult to get the brush.

All about chimney cleaning in questions and answers
We advise you not to forget about the simple preventive measures we described above. You must admit that it is easy to burn potatoes in the firebox at least once a week, throw salt into the fire or use chemicals. And the likelihood of the formation of soot flakes on the walls of the chimney will sharply decrease. We advise you to resort to mechanical cleaning of the chimney once a year, in the fall. published by econet.ru

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