Attention, Chinese garlic!

Beautifully packaged garlic brought from China, which you buy in supermarkets, is completely devoid of …

You all know about the miraculous properties of garlic – and the phytoncides secreted by it kill viruses and microbes in a way that none of the produced antibiotics can yet; it improves blood circulation, it also increases immunity, it rejuvenates and prolongs life (including sexual).

But, you do not suspect that the beautifully packaged garlic brought from China that you buy in supermarkets is completely devoid of all its wonderful properties due to long-term and improper storage. Only the taste and smell remained.

You can strengthen your health, prevent flu and other bad diseases by using only domestic garlic that is grown in our country. This is not an advertisement, but information that I ask you to take note of.

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In recent years, most supermarkets have been selling garlic imported from China. The quality of the heads sold is striking – they are all, as one, amazingly clean, strong, juicy, without the slightest signs of mechanical damage and rot.

Looking at such high-quality agricultural products, the thought involuntarily comes to mind: “Well, producers know how to grow such a crop, and besides, keep it in such an attractive form!”

Whether it is domestic garlic. Due to the lack of proper storage conditions, even an excellent harvest of high-quality heads looks rather unsightly, several months after harvest. Most often, winter varieties harvested in July lose their presentation by mid-November, partly germinating, partly drying out, partly decaying. The same story is with spring garlic varieties. By the beginning of spring, most of the crop is spoiled.

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It turns out that for the preservation of the presentation of the heads, special refrigeration units are required, designed for long-term preservation of garlic. It is best stored at sub-zero temperatures (about -5 ° C), a certain level of humidity (about 70%) and good ventilation. Due to the presence of a large amount of essential oils and volatile compounds in garlic, the cloves do not freeze at this temperature.
Attention, Chinese garlic!

Dangerous compounds in Chinese-made garlic

It is no secret that China has long and firmly won the position of the world leader in the cultivation of spicy crops on its plantations. About 80% of the garlic cultivated all over the world comes from the Chinese, and this is more than 12 million tons per year.

But not everyone knows that garlic from China contains components that are very dangerous to health. Research by independent chemical laboratories has repeatedly confirmed this truth. Often, garlic brought from the Middle Kingdom contains an overestimated concentration of heavy metals and other toxic compounds dangerous to the health of the body.

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Very often, garlic is supplied to our market from those provinces of China, where at one time the dangerous insecticidal agent DDT or dust, prohibited in many countries, was used in the fields. And the most unpleasant thing is that to improve the presentation, increase the shelf life and reduce losses during transportation, garlic is soaked in a chlorine solution before being shipped to distant countries! This is why the bulbs look so attractive on our supermarket shelves.

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The benefits of domestic garlic

According to statistics, only about a third of all consumed garlic comes from those grown in their homeland, and 70% is imported garlic. It should also be noted that up to 90% of domestic garlic is grown in private plots and vegetable gardens by the population, and only 10% are grown by farms.

When buying garlic in the market, you cannot be 100% sure where it came from and what chemicals were used in the process of its cultivation, as well as whether it was processed before shipping or not. That is why experts recommend purchasing exclusively domestic garlic. And even if the heads sold on the market by grandmothers do not look amazingly fresh, not strong enough, and sometimes they are slightly dry, but they are safe.

By the way, studies confirm that domestic garlic tastes more pungent and has a high percentage of dry matter. Its sharpness and “fluidity” is directly determined by the content of the chemical element sulfur in the soil, which is quite enough in our lands.

So, if you care about your own health, it is better to refrain from purchasing imported garlic, replacing it with the “native” one published by

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