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Ayurveda: 21 signs of poor digestion

It is important for every person to look good. But in order to have a beautiful body, fresh clean skin, clear thinking and good health, you need to eat right. Even the healthiest foods will not be beneficial if the body cannot digest and absorb them. What signs might indicate a weakness in the gastrointestinal tract?

In Ayurveda, it is believed that the assimilation of food depends on the “digestive fire”, which deals with the processing, transformation and absorption of everything that enters the human body. When disturbances occur in the work of the digestive tract, the “digestive fire” cannot burn all the incoming products, they accumulate and gradually poison the body. Experts say that most diseases develop due to the accumulation of toxic substances in the large and small intestines.

Signs of digestive malfunction according to Ayurveda

When a person consumes a lot of harmful products: stale food, ready-made semi-finished products, fast food, canned and frozen meals or drinks food with cold water, the metabolism is disturbed and all this food is not completely absorbed… All undigested residues turn into viscous toxic mucus, which thickens over time and becomes immobile. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out cleansing procedures that will help thin mucus and get rid of toxins.

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Poor digestion symptoms:

1. Being overweight with proper nutrition and sufficient physical activity.

2. Abdominal distention.

3. Belching after eating, flatulence.

4. Increased acidity, heartburn.

five. Discomfort and burning in the intestines.

6. Stool disorders, constipation, diarrhea.

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7. Insufficient bowel movement.

Ayurveda: 21 signs of poor digestion

8. Feeling of heaviness in the stomach with the usual portion of food, drowsiness.

nine. Often nauseous.

10. Acne and other skin rashes.

eleven. The nail plates are dry and cracked.

12. Overdried, cracked skin.

13. Infection with worms and other parasites.

14. Bad breath.

15. Thick coating on the tongue.

16. Allergic reactions.

17. Thrush.

18. Premenstrual syndrome.

nineteen. Skin eczema, urticaria.

20. Psoriasis.

21. Apathy, decreased tone, a feeling of “fog in the head”, inability to concentrate.published by

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