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Ayurveda: combining products correctly

For the complete digestion of various foods, different types of digestive enzymes are required. If incompatible foods enter the stomach at the same time, then malfunctions begin in the entire gastrointestinal tract. How to avoid unnecessary stress?

How to restore and strengthen the entire body?

In order to maintain health and excellent digestion for many years, you should adhere to several basic rules:

  • Fruit should always be eaten separately from other foods. Melon doesn’t go well with anything.
  • It is better to drink milk alone or with sweets, cereals, honey or brown sugar. Spices will help assimilate: cinnamon, pepper, cardamom.
  • Dairy products and fish are incompatible.
  • Eggs are poorly compatible with dairy products, meat products, yogurt and fruits.
  • It is not recommended to heat or boil honey, it is better to mix it with ghee 1: 1 (by weight).
  • The family of nightshades – potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, are poorly compatible with fruits, cucumbers and dairy products.

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By adhering to the principles of separate nutrition, you can improve the digestive system and, therefore, improve the functioning of the whole body. You will see that the tongue got rid of plaque and turned pink, the feeling of hunger will arise only at a certain time, when it is necessary. You will get rid of many of the unpleasant symptoms of body toxin pollution.

Ayurveda: combining products correctly

Vitality products:

  • pumpkin, sesame, flax seeds and their oil;
  • dates, raisins;
  • coconut, walnuts, avocados and their oil, mango;
  • olive oil, ghee (ghee) – clarified ghee or butter;
  • fresh honey, bee pollen;
  • barley, oats, mung bean, red lentils;
  • soaked overnight and peeled almonds;
  • fresh cow and goat milk and cream, homemade buttermilk and unsalted cheese;
  • okra, sweet potatoes and yams;
  • blueberries, spinach, eggplant and zucchini;
  • bone-boiled broths, soups and stews.
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When your body is cleansed, it will easily digest even heavier foods that increase energy stores. You will be able not only to improve your health, but also to more successfully resist illness and stress. Published by

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