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Bloating: 9 Reasons

Bloating is a real problem for many. It’s not just nasty gases that can propel you at any moment. Bloating forms a bulging, unaesthetic belly. In addition, intestinal gases are toxic and detrimental to health. Here’s how to get rid of bloating.

How to master the elements of self-massage of the abdomen? In this area, spasms, adhesions, spasms, and organ prolapse can occur. But the most common problem is bloating. What are the causes of bloating, and what can you do at home to treat the problem with self-massage?

The main causes of bloating. We remove gases in the intestines

Bloating is a real scourge of civilization. It is not only a foul-smelling gas. This is a bulging, enlarged belly, seething, belching, toxic gases that poison the body. As a result, the body spends a large amount of vitamins and enzymes to neutralize this process.

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How to solve the problem of a bloated stomach

Good work of the abdominal organs will have a positive effect not only on the abdomen, but also on the whole body (heart, skin, brain, muscles, joints are somehow connected with the digestive organs).

Where does gas come from in the intestines? The gas is divided into two categories: toxic (has an unpleasant odor, arises from decay and fermentation in the intestines) and non-toxic (carbon dioxide).

Causes of bloating

1. Poor outflow of bile (biliary dyskinesia).

What is important to do to improve bile outflow? Relieve spasm of the duodenum, bile ducts and sphincters. For this, visceral self-massage is necessary.

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Bloating: 9 Reasons

2. Individual intolerance to foods (containing lactose, gluten, fructose and sugar).

These are three categories of products: flour, dairy (fermented milk), sugar-containing. Anything that contains fructose is removed from the diet (fruits, dried fruits)

What can you eat? These are meat, fish, all types of cereals, vegetables.

Foods that cause bloating in almost all people: apples, cabbage, grapes, all legumes.

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3. Incorrect combination of products.

It is important to adhere to the principle: do not eat fruits and sweets after meals. Better to eat them on an empty stomach.

4. Dysbacteriosis.

Simple ways to feed beneficial bacteria: boiled beets (used as a side dish for 2 weeks), boiled potatoes or chilled rice, Jerusalem artichoke preparations, boiled or stewed vegetables, pro- and prebiotics.

5. Adhesions in the intestine.

As a result, peristalsis is inhibited, food is digested longer, fermentation and decay processes begin.

6. Excess fruits and vegetable salads in the diet (excess fiber).

Some of the unprocessed fiber rots, ferments and produces gases.

7. Excess meat in the diet.

When protein rots, many toxic gases are produced.

8. Parasitosis.

Parasites can live in the duodenum, small and large intestine, bile ducts. When bloated, you can drink an antiparasitic course.

9. Stressful situation.

Carbon dioxide seeps out of the blood plasma into the intestines, causing the intestines to swell.

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