Boiling with the “white key”: Why is it necessary to brew tea only with such water

✅ Whole treatises have been written about the benefits of TEA. The healing properties of this drink have been known since ancient times. Modern research by scientists from different countries has revealed that tea contains many trace elements that are not found anywhere else. This drink protects our blood vessels from bad cholesterol, and the tannins of tea leaves help to strengthen them. The main thing is to brew tea correctly.

The first and one of the most important ingredients in good tea is water. It should not be hard, that is, a lot of bicarbonate and sulfate calcium and magnesium salts should not be dissolved in it. Otherwise, the taste and aroma of the drink will be irreparably spoiled.

How and with what water to brew tea correctly

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Water becomes hard if you bring it to a boil – at this moment, salts dissolve. But before the steam comes out of the kettle in clubs, the water goes through several stages of boiling. The very first is when small numbers of small bubbles rise from the bottom of the kettle. The Chinese call this stage “crayfish’s eye”. However, water that is not fully boiled will not even allow the tea leaves to open, therefore, it will not give the drink either taste or smell.

The second stage is fisheye. The bubbles are already rising more rapidly, and there are many of them. Water turns white (hence its name “white key”), it is saturated with oxygen, all useful trace elements are preserved in it, as a result, it contributes to the full disclosure of the taste and aroma of tea leaves.

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The third stage is boiling itself. Boiled water is considered dead and completely unsuitable for tea – it completely deprives the drink of its aroma and kills all its taste properties.

Boiling with the

Brewing stages

Please note that the water in the kettle must be freshly poured. It is unacceptable to boil water again or mix it with fresh water. In this case, no stage will help to obtain a quality tea drink.

You can even recognize the stage of brewing tea by the sound. So, when bubbles are just beginning to break through to the surface, a single sound is hardly distinguishable. The second stage – which interests us most – is joined by many such sounds, together they make a noise similar to the buzzing of a small swarm of bees.

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The third stage makes itself felt by the full sound of a boiling kettle. (of course, this only applies to kettles on the stove). Moreover, it should be filled one centimeter above the inner hole for the spout, then the sound will be well heard.

As soon as the water reaches the “white key” stage, the kettle is quickly turned off, the teapot is rinsed with this water, the leaves are poured into it and poured into it. Some, observing all the subtleties of the tea ceremony, argue that even such a moment as bringing the teapot to a vessel with boiling water matters, and not vice versa.

Boiling with the

Cover the teapot with a napkin and let the contents brew for 4-5 minutes – no more. The tea is ready to drink. If, after opening the teapot, you see foam on the surface, this means that you did everything right. Do not delete it. It contains essential oils that give the tea a special aroma.

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Dispose of tea leaves without regret. The Chinese compare old tea to a snake curled up in a ball. Disturb her – and you will very much regret it. Do not drink old cooled tea leaves.published by

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