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Breathing Exercise: A Simple Healing Technique

Many respiratory diseases can be prevented with proper prevention. Regular breathing exercises improve ventilation of the lungs and bronchi, stimulates the clearance of phlegm, and improves overall well-being and activity. They are easy to do at home, after the main morning exercises.

Respiratory exercises are used by exercise therapy doctors to improve the respiratory system, restore blood circulation after pneumonia. They increase lung capacity, therefore they are recommended for athletes, increase endurance and performance, reduce hypoxia of the brain and internal organs.

How to improve ventilation through exercise

In a healthy person, the lungs have a large volume, are completely filled on inhalation and empty on exhalation. A sedentary lifestyle, sedentary work, constant presence in a gas-filled or dusty room lead to a deterioration in ventilation. Air stagnates in the lower lobes, which leads to a lack of oxygen in the blood.

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With poor ventilation of the lungs, the brain and internal organs lack nutrition. A person feels constant fatigue, drowsiness, often has a cold. Breathing exercises help restore full volume without medication, serve as an excellent prevention of bronchitis, pneumonia, ARVI.

Breathing Exercise: A Simple Healing Technique

Respiratory gymnastics is performed as follows:

1. Sit on a chair or chair on the floor using a sports mat. Use your thumb to gently close one nostril while spreading your palm, pointing the other fingers up. Breathe in and out quickly 5 to 15 times. Keep your back straight and tense.

2. Repeat the exercise for the second nostril, counting inhalation and exhalation at one time… Try to draw a large amount of air into your lungs.

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3. When doing it, close the left nostril with the finger of your right hand, take 5-15 deep breaths and exhalations into full lungs.

4. Repeat, covering the right nostril with the finger of the left hand.

five. Close the right nostril alternately with your thumb, take one deep breath and exhale sharply. Then close your left with your middle finger, repeating the breathing movements. Repeat at least 15 times.

Breathing Exercise: A Simple Healing Technique

When doing exercises, the lungs and bronchial tree are well worked out. At the same time, biologically active points on the fingers are stimulated, which are responsible for the health of the respiratory system. It supports the body’s immune defenses, increases endurance If performed regularly, the risk of complications after the flu and colds decreases several times, a person is less likely to get sick and feels more active.

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