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Burning in the feet. Psychosomatics

Almost every person in his life has come across a feeling as if his heels are beginning to “burn”. It is similar to what people feel when they decide to walk barefoot on the hot sand. But a burning sensation in the feet is not just a discomfort, but a symptom of a malfunction of the body.

Usually, the sensation of heat appears after fifty years, which is associated with chronic diseases that often develop in old age. In addition, people with metabolic disorders, alcoholism, endocrine disorders, diabetes mellitus, obesity can feel a burning sensation. The cause of fever in the feet can be severe sweating of the feet, nervous disorders, pinched nerve between the 3rd and 4th toes.

Burning sensation in the feet as a manifestation of anger

From the point of view of psychologists, the sensation of heat in the feet is associated with anger or annoyance caused by a negative situation that lasts for a long time, sometimes years.

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A person with alcohol addiction experiences uncontrollable anger, because he realizes that he himself is to blame for the problems, he could not build a career and completely ruined his life, but he cannot do anything about it. He feels that he is not worthy of love and care, realizes his worthlessness, and on the other hand, he is angry because he does not receive them. This pain and rage causes his soles to burn, as if the earth was burning under him.

Burning in the feet.  Psychosomatics

Patients with diabetes mellitus suffer, both with a lack of love and care, and with their excess. Experiences from the fact that they do not receive adequate nutrition or are not authoritative enough for others, receive little attention, provoke itching and burning in the legs. And if “burning” occurs against the background of obesity, then this is how a person tries to compensate for the lack of love, and gets angry with himself and others, since food does not solve all his problems.

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With diseases of the thyroid gland, burning occurs from anger at their offenders. He is offended and feels humiliated, and the heat at the point of projection of the throat means that a person hates himself for not being able to stand up for his interests, or at least express everything he thinks about this.

Examine the situation in which you find yourself, find the true cause of anger or a specific person and solve this problem, one way or another. Any reasonable way that will free you from destructive anger will help you. published by

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