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Buteyko breathing technique, which heals the whole body

The essence of recovery by the method of Konstantin Buteyko is a gradual decrease in the depth of breathing. As the breath hold lengthens, the blood and tissues are more and more saturated with oxygen and carbon dioxide, the acid-base balance is restored, metabolic processes are normalized, and the immune defense is strengthened. And the disease recedes.

To get rid of ailments, you need to learn how to save carbon dioxide in your body. It is not deep, but shallow breathing that allows you to do this, – Konstantin Buteyko came to this conclusion. After a rather long period of time since then, many people have been able to recover from many ailments using only this unique method – breathing according to the method of Konstantin Buteyko.

Shallow breathing according to Buteyko

Carbon dioxide can be called our natural internal medicine, which is always with us, but it may or may not be enough. Konstantin Buteyko taught humanity to increase CO2 in its body with the help of breathing practices.

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We are publishing lessons on mastering the methodology of his direct student Oksana Nesterenoko.

Breathing rate: the less often the better

We know how long it takes to sleep in order for the body to fully recover. We know that it takes 1000 steps to be healthy. We know how many times to eat and how much to consume certain foods in order to get the necessary vitamins and minerals. That is, there is a sleep rate, movement rate, pulse rate, pressure, leukocytes, urination, and so on.

But nobody really talks about the rate of breathing. And no one really teaches it. The breathing rate that is determined is 16-18 respiratory movements per minute (in a healthy person), perfect in a state of physiological rest – this is not the norm. This is already hyperventilation, that is, when the ventilation of the lungs is more than normal.

As a result, these 16-18 breathing movements per minute lead to the fact that a person under 40 is healthy, and at 40 – “times” and collapsed. And all because he gained hyperventilation throughout his life.

Deep breathing is harmful because a lot of carbon dioxide (CO2) is “eroded” from the body. This is a substance that is formed in our body in the course of biochemical reactions. According to Konstantin Buteyko, a healthy person should have 6-8 breathing cycles per minute, or even less.

The essence of recovery by the method of Konstantin Buteyko is a gradual decrease in the depth of breathing. As the breath hold lengthens, the blood and tissues are more and more saturated with oxygen and carbon dioxide, the acid-base balance is restored, metabolic processes are normalized, and the immune defense is strengthened. And the disease recedes.

Buteyko breathing technique, which heals the whole body

Learning to pause and improve health

In the first lesson, we learn to listen to our breathing. We lean on the back of a chair and listen very carefully to our breathing – 1-2 minutes. The purpose of this little exercise, listening to yourself, is to track your breaths in and out, to be able to describe them and remember the rhythm of your breathing. You need to remember the feeling of the breath that you have at the moment. Because from this moment you will begin to change your breathing. And then compare it with the one that will change later.

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Usually deep, heavy breathing is felt at first or not deep, but frequent. Heart palpitations may be felt, but they soon go away. Memorize your breath.

Now let’s get down to the first step. After a calm exhalation, we will pause. You don’t need to take a deep breath before pausing. And you don’t need to take a deep breath. The exhalation should be calm, normal, as you breathe now. So, after the usual exhalation, you close your nose with two fingers (if you do not close your nose, there will certainly be a gasp), your mouth should also be closed. At first you don’t feel like breathing at all. When the first desire to inhale appears, this will be a state called control pause (CP). Open your nose and breathe.

Pay attention to your breathing. After performing the CP, it should remain the same, with the frequency amplitude as it was before.

There is also such a state as the maximum pause (MP). This is also holding your breath. The maximum pause consists of a CP and a volitional section, that is, the CP is part of the MP. Now again, after the usual exhalation, we close the nose, at first we don’t want to breathe, and then the first desire to inhale (CP) appears, but we continue to pause by volitional effort until the moment when the nose needs to be opened (this will be MP).
But after opening the nose, breathing should remain the same as it was before – there should be no desire to take a deep breath. To prevent this from happening, you cannot overextend the pause. Because if you overexpose it, you will have a breakdown in breathing and breathing will become deep, we do not need it. This moment is very difficult to grasp. Therefore, I recommend not holding the maximum pause for 2-3 seconds. It does not matter – the pause is 20 or 23 seconds, it is important for us – it is 20 or 40 seconds.

By itself, this delay is a good simulator. Doing it every day leads to a serious increase in the delay time, which will soon have a positive effect on health.

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Technique for measuring the control and maximum pause

The time a person can hold their breath for is directly proportional to the state of their health. CP of 20 seconds will mean that your body has 4.5% CO2. With a control pause of 60 seconds, the level of CO2 is 6.5%. This percentage allows the body to function normally without disease. And this is the level you should strive for in order to be healthy.

The maximum and control pauses are not treated, they serve for control purposes. A healthy person, ideally, should have a maximum pause of 90, control 60. This is a person with perfect lungs. But even if you have a maximum pause of 60, and the control pause is 40, this indicates excellent health. And even if you have a maximum of 40, a control of 20, you will practically not have any diseases. No sinusitis, no bronchitis …

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We start the practice by simply breathing and watching the second hand. Exhale calmly. At the end of exhalation, pinch your nose with two fingers, fix the delay start time on the second hand (for example, at around 10 seconds) and do not breathe until the first desire to inhale (slight lack of air). For example, it appeared at the 35-second mark, this figure also needs to be remembered (end of the control panel). But we continue to hold the pause (holding the breath).

The second desire to inhale appeared, for example, at around 40 (this is already the maximum pause). We open our nose (there should be no feeling of lack of air and the desire to take a deep breath). You have 3 digits from which you calculate your control pause and maximum pause.

For example, you got the following numbers: 10 (delay start), 35 (control pause), 40 (maximum pause). We consider this way 35 – 10 = 25 (this is your CP), 40 – 10 = 30 (this is your MP). These numbers will tell you about your current health and will be control markers in subsequent sessions.

Ideally, the test is best done in the morning, before meals. You can find out the content of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the pulmonary alveoli by the control pause (I remind you that this is holding your breath after natural exhalation until the first desire to inhale).

Erect posture reduces breathing breathing reflexively

The Buteyko Method consists of two rules: the Right Hand Rule and the Left Hand Rule… It is done jointly, but it is being studied gradually.

The right hand rule is the basis of the method, it is what we do with our body. For example, you need to change the position of your body. It is enough to sit upright and breathing decreases by itself.

Five fingers are five points. The first point is a comfortable posture, when a person sits in a position that is comfortable for him, and does not tolerate anything anywhere, does not itch, does not hurt, does not become numb. That is, you can stay in this state for a long time. And I emphasize that a comfortable position is a priority for us.

Because the next item is correct posture. When I align people with posture, most of them begin to say that they feel some kind of discomfort or pain in their back. The fact is that I am aligning you, and you have to let yourself go a little so that you feel comfortable. And you will gradually align.

I had one such vivid case when a young programmer at the age of 36 had 6 spinal hernias. In the first lesson I could not sit even for two minutes. But he gradually leveled off, and after 3 weeks he sat quietly with a straight back for 20 minutes. If such a stooped person straightens out immediately so that everything hurts him, then tomorrow he will go to an orthopedist, and not to a training session. Therefore, such people need to align gradually.
Again, listen to the breath and remember it, because when we align, the breath will be different.

Buteyko breathing technique, which heals the whole body

We provide training on Buteyko

The classic pose for training according to the Buteyko method – we sit on the edge of the chair: the buttocks should occupy one third or half of the chair. Align your back, it should feel like you have grown up a little and you were lifted by the top of your head, like a Christmas tree toy. The back of the head, shoulder blades and buttocks should be in the same vertical line. To open the shoulder blades and chest, make circular movements with your shoulders: 3 times move your shoulders forward, up, and back.

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A slight bend should appear in the lumbar region. Put your feet flat on the floor (preferably in shoes without heels, at home – in socks), your calves – vertically to the floor, put your hands approximately in the middle of your thighs (but as convenient). Clothes should be loose so that it does not squeeze the belly, because we will relax both the belly and the whole body.

So you need to sit with your back straight for 5 minutes, you don’t need to do anything else. You can close your eyes and just listen to your breathing. We constantly feel that we have grown up, and we simply listen to our breathing. This exercise is good to do with calm music. After it, breathing becomes easier, less deep, even.

This position itself is a good exercise machine. If you do it every day, the delay time will increase significantly, which will immediately affect your health.

Why do you need to do this? Our lungs are hard and cramped with a stooped back. When you align your posture, breathing decreases. This is because when the chest expands mechanically, it becomes easy for the lungs to breathe. In fact, this happens reflexively.

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It is no accident that I emphasize the need to grow up. As soon as our growth increases by at least 1 ml, the volume of the chest increases and reflexes to decrease breathing immediately enter the brain. I.e, this mechanical alignment of posture reduces breathing reflexively. If you want to take a deep breath, this is already a symptom that breathing is reduced, that the body does not have enough air. And in the future we will work with you to reduce breathing so that this sensation arises. This is the Buteyko training.

When there is a feeling of lack of air, this is the moment of CO2 accumulation. This is what we will learn. Therefore, for the future, when you have a desire to take a deep breath, you need to knock this moment down, it is advisable not to allow it, and for this you need to make swallowing or chewing movements, or very slowly move your head from side to side, but not allow a deep breath. But if he does break through some time, it’s okay …

After reading this lesson, the most important thing to do is to monitor your posture and perform Buteyko training. Published by

Author Oksana Nesterenko

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