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Calculating the optimal size of the garage

We will learn how to calculate the optimal size of the garage so that it is comfortable and as large as possible.

When planning the construction of a garage on their site, the owners must first of all, of course, choose a convenient place for it. But it is equally important to accurately calculate the optimal size of the garage so that it is comfortable and spacious enough.

Designing a garage on the site

In order for the garage dimensions to be optimal, they must allow:

  • Free to fully open the doors of the car inside the building without fear of scratching them on the walls.
  • Calmly unload the trunk, which should open completely, even in hatchbacks.
  • Allow yourself to service, inspect the car and carry out minor repairs.
  • Provide space for shelves with spare parts and various tools.

Calculating the optimal size of the garage

To begin with, we note that you should be guided by the norms that are spelled out in SNiP 2.07.01–89 “Urban planning. Planning and development of urban and rural settlements “, as well as SNiP 21.01.97″ Fire safety of buildings and structures. ” They concern, among other things, the choice of a place for a garage, which should be at least six meters from neighboring buildings.

Now let’s calculate what will be the minimum garage size for one ordinary passenger car. Take, for example, such a popular model in our country as the Lada Granta. Its standard dimensions are 4118x1700x1538 mm. There should be at least half a meter on each side of the car so that you can get out of it, go around and not get dirty at the same time. It turns out that the length of the garage should be at least 5.1 meters, width – 2.7 meters, and height – 2 meters. Not enough, you say. And you will be right!

Important! Even in Soviet times, the typical dimensions of box garages in cooperatives were 3×6 meters. Today, these dimensions are considered small – given the average width of modern cars, the garage should be at least 4 meters wide. So for the minimum size of the garage we take 4×6 meters with a ceiling height of at least 2.5 meters.

Calculating the optimal size of the garage

The presence of an inspection pit in the garage, the arrangement of which the portal Rmnt.ru wrote in detail about, will not affect its size in any way. You just have to go deeper. But if you decide to install a lift, then the height of the ceiling must be calculated taking into account its parameters, adding centimeters up.

Important! For SUVs and crossovers, the minimum garage size should be 5 meters wide, 8 meters long and 3.5 meters high. Please note that these are the dimensions of the interior!

Important! The width of the garage door should ideally be two meters wider than the width of the car, so that there are no problems with the entrance.

Calculating the optimal size of the garage

The minimum dimensions indicated by us will be sufficient for the very light car and the minimum operations with it. But this is not enough for storage locations! For example, you decide to place two shelving units, half a meter wide and two meters long, along the side walls. This is plus a meter to the width of the entire garage.

If you need space for a workbench, home workshop, get ready to add about 6 square meters to the garage space.

Important! As practice shows, most often, site owners build garages for one car with a length of 9 meters, a width of 4.5 meters and a height of 3 meters. It is these dimensions that allow you to equip storage areas and a small home workshop.

Calculating the optimal size of the garage

If you need a garage for two cars, then you do not need to simply multiply the dimensions indicated by us! The length of the building will remain the same – at least 7, and preferably 9 meters. The width will be increased from 4–5 meters to 7 meters. The optimal height, of course, does not change – 3–3.5 meters. Practice shows that in a square garage of 7×7 meters, two ordinary cars fit perfectly.

Experts remind that you should not get too carried away by increasing the size of the garage more than those indicated by us. This will seriously raise construction costs. If you really need a restroom or storage room, think about building a second floor or attic above the garage. The presence of a basement, which will not increase the dimensions of the garage, will allow you to solve the problem with storage.

Calculating the optimal size of the garage

Let us state: if you need a minimum parking space, without additional functions, then a 6x4x2.5 meter garage will suit you. If you also need a storage place, a small workshop, then the dimensions need to be increased to 9×4.5×3 meters. For two cars, a box with the same length and height, but increased to 7 meters wide, is enough. published by econet.ru

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