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Cervical spine mobility test

Isometric gymnastics is called fitness for the busy, since it does not take much time, does not require additional equipment and has a positive therapeutic effect from the very first sessions. It is based on tension and relaxation of muscle tissue, without performing movements.

This gymnastics helps to get rid of back and lower back pain, preserves the joints, relaxes the body and relieves spasms, trains the target muscles – those that need to be loaded with your problem, without increasing the risk of injury.

Diagnostic exercises

Before you start doing isometric gymnastics, it is best to determine what problems are in one or another part of the spine, joints, limbs. This is required to create an individual training program, taking into account the characteristics of your body.

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Stand in front of the mirror and check how much movement the cervical spine can perform, how free they are:

  • Tilt your head forward, trying to reach your chin to the surface of your chest. If difficulties arise with this movement, this means that there are restrictions on the flexion of the cervical spine.

Cervical spine mobility test

  • Turn your head to the right and then to the left so that the tip of the nose is in line with the shoulder. If movement is difficult, then there is a limitation of rotation in the cervical spine.
  • Looking at your reflection in the mirror, use your index finger to determine the level of the tip of the nose and hold your finger at this point. After that, throw your head back, look at the ceiling. If your chin reaches or exceeds the level of your finger, then with the extension of the cervical spine, you are in perfect order.
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Any restrictions in movements associated with flexion, extension or rotation in the cervical spine may indicate osteochondrosis of the spine, herniated intervertebral discs, arthrosis of the joints, rheumatic inflammatory processes in the spine. In such cases, it is required to see a doctor and undergo a thorough medical examination. Published by

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