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Checking the functioning of the thyroid gland

The thyroid or endocrine gland belongs to the vital organs of our body. It stores iodine and produces iodine-containing hormones that help regulate metabolic processes, temperature, heart rate, growth and development of the entire body. Naturally, failures in its work affect the health of various organs and systems.

At home thyroid problems cannot be completely excluded or proven. An accurate diagnosis can only be made by an endocrinologist. But before making an appointment, you can independently check the functioning of your endocrine system using simple tests.

Thyroid gland: characteristic symptoms of problems

  • you are constantly freezing, even in warm weather you sleep with closed windows under a warm blanket;
  • you wake up hard in the morning, do not have time to rest during the night, constantly lack of sleep, suffer from swelling, hoarseness of the voice, activity begins in the second half of the day, in the late afternoon;
  • increased dryness of the skin, severe hair loss not only on the head, nails are thin and constantly break;
  • being overweight, or dieting or exercising, will not help you get rid of excess. After exercise, severe muscle pains disturb;

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  • malfunctions of the reproductive system – cycle disorders, decreased libido, problems with conception, bleeding;
  • high cholesterol, anemia;
  • stool disorders, biliary dyskinesia, cholelithiasis, clear teeth imprints are visible on the tongue;
  • depressed state – you don’t want anything, nothing pleases, you don’t get pleasure from anything;
  • Difficulty concentrating, memory problems, “fog in the head” state.

Checking the functioning of the thyroid gland

Temperature test

For five days in the morning, before you get out of bed, take your temperature under your tongue. For women, it is better to take the measurement in the first phase of the menstrual cycle from the first to the fifth day. A temperature of 36.6 – 36.7 ° C is considered the norm, if your temperature is lower, then there is a risk of hypothyroidism.

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Laboratory tests:

  1. THT – the level of titeotropic hormone in the blood serum, the norm is 1-1.5.
  2. Free hormones – T3 and T4 (above 0.33), close to the upper limit of the norm.
  3. For the presence of antibodies to TPO and TG – normal bodies are absent. Published by

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