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Children’s sandbox

The easiest way to keep your child busy is to make him a sandbox. Moreover, making a sandbox with your own hands is quite simple.

A sandbox is a necessary attribute of a garden where small children play. Despite the abundance of land available for digging, every small child in the country will certainly need a sandbox.

Sandbox as the most favorite game element for children

Playing in the sandbox develops children’s imagination and allows them to keep them entertained for a long time. A kid 2-6 years old will play with pleasure in the sand, the main thing is that it is clean. And, of course, it should be maintained in working order, timely moistened and cleaned of debris. After all, sand is not only a wonderful material for building cakes and castles, but also a great tactile stimulant and a great way of relaxation. There is even an original method of child psychotherapy – playing with sand.

Children are endlessly ready to play with sand, because in their own sandbox with the help of molds, twigs and water, a child can model and create a whole world. And then – to destroy it myself.

Children's sandbox

Sandbox play develops children’s imagination

If the kid is still bored of playing alone, ay adults have neither physical nor mental strength to build a certain number of Easter cakes, then it is interesting to organize sand games for crumbs and watch them from afar.

For a very small child, you can bury a “treasure” in the sandbox – various items from large to small in boxes from “kinder surprises”. Let the baby look for them on his own, digging up the sand. He can do it arbitrarily or according to a pre-drawn treasure search scheme. You can also put the puzzle pieces in the boxes – then, having unearthed everything, the kid will be able to fold the picture and receive the grand prize. Such gambling tasks with a logical end are very popular with children of any age.

Adults can draw a schematic drawing in advance so that the child, using it, builds some kind of structure or even whole geographical models with lakes, rivers, bridges and mountains, using available materials. Such work develops spatial alogical thinking.

The sandbox should not be placed under the trees, as in this case it will be a collection of fallen leaves and the like. In addition, the sandbox will take longer to dry under the tree.

The sandbox should have walls – sides. This will prevent it from changing shape and mixing the sand with the soil. It is better to collect the sandbox with friends – it will take only a couple of hours, but if you collect it alone – half a day. If you want to fill the sand above the ground level, you should stretch the dam film from the inside of the sandbox so that the sand does not spill out and the wooden elements do not rot over time.

Children's sandbox

Sandbox built into the patio

In order for the water to leave the sandbox better after rain and the sand to dry out faster, it is necessary to make drainage at the bottom.

Drainage – a layer of compacted stones and pebbles 150 mm thick. It is even better to use a piece of pipe with a diameter of 100-150 mm as drainage. Steel, plastic, ceramic, or asbestos-cement pipe will work. Drill a few holes in the pipe and place it vertically in the hole. Tamp the bottom of the sandbox with rubble, making a slight slope towards the pipe. Cover the upper opening of the pipe with a piece of metal mesh or stones. then lay a special film or fine mesh that allows water to pass through well.

At the final stage, pour a layer of washed river sand on top. Building sand is not suitable for these purposes. To prevent pets from entering the sandbox when it is empty, you need to cover it with a wire mesh.

If the baby is only taking the first steps, then the sandbox, when it is empty, needs to be protected with a lid from rain and traces of the activity of the local fauna, primarily from stray animals.

Children's sandbox

Sandbox with lid

The sandbox will take no more than 10 m2, this area will be quite enough, and it does not have to be a square or rectangle, you can build an irregularly shaped sandbox with rounded edges. published by econet.ru

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