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Chiseled hands: 5 exercises with quick effect

By the condition of a woman’s hands, one can understand what her character is and how she relates to herself. If the hands are well-groomed, then a woman can easily win over her interlocutors, her movements are relaxed and free. The term “well-groomed hands” means not only the presence of a manicure, but also the tightness of the muscles, the absence of excess body fat. To keep your arms graceful, it is enough to do simple exercises regularly.

Tired of hiding body imperfections behind long-sleeved sweaters? Want to proudly show your hands to others? We suggest that you familiarize yourself with a set of 5 effective hand exercises.

Gymnastics for chiseled arms

First exercise

Before doing this exercise, make sure that there is no stress on the spine.

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For training, you will need dumbbells, weighing from 2 to 4 kg, depending on the state of the triceps:

  • you need to get up, take a kettlebell in your right hand, straighten your back, put your feet shoulder-width apart and bend a little at the knees;
  • strain the muscles of the press and buttocks;
  • raise your hand with a kettlebell so that your palm is directed forward and hold your right elbow with your left hand;
  • slowly inhaling, bend the arm, lowering the weight to the left shoulder;
  • while exhaling, straighten the arm a little, while holding the elbow and make sure that the hand is pressed to the head.

Each hand should do 15-20 “extensions”.

Chiseled hands: 5 exercises with quick effect

Second exercise

It is done as follows:

  • make a small lunge forward with your right foot;
  • put your right hand on your right thigh;
  • take a dumbbell in your left hand, bend at the elbow and raise to shoulder level;
  • inhale, exhale, straighten the left hand, then inhale and bend it;
  • do 15-20 “extensions” and perform similar actions with the other hand.
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Third exercise

It is necessary:

  • stand up, straighten your back;
  • Bend one arm at the elbow and bring it behind the back, pressing on the elbow with the other hand, so that a good muscle stretch is felt.

Fourth exercise


  • lie on the mat, bend your legs and fix your lower back;
  • take a dumbbell in one hand, bend it at the elbow and point it up, holding the elbow with the other hand so that the bent arm does not deviate along the vertical line;
  • while exhaling, straighten the arm with a dumbbell, and inhaling to return it to its original position;
  • perform 2-3 sets of 15-20 repetitions with each hand. If your muscles get tired quickly, you can use a lighter dumbbell.

Chiseled hands: 5 exercises with quick effect

Fifth exercise

It is done as follows:

  • sit on a chair, resting your hands on the edge of the chair;
  • “Slide down” from the chair so that the body “hangs” on the hands and the pelvis does not touch the chair;
  • lower your shoulders and bring your shoulder blades;
  • bend your elbows at a right angle;
  • after a few seconds, lift the body up;
  • perform two “push-ups” down and two up.

Chiseled hands: 5 exercises with quick effect

Over time, the load can be increased and do 16-20 “push-ups” in 3 sets. If your muscles ache after training, it is recommended to reduce the load. Published by

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