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Colloidal silver – what is it and what is it used for?

Silver began to be used for medical purposes 2 thousand years ago. They say that Hippocrates used it to treat wounds and ulcers, and Avicenna used silver to cleanse the blood and treat hypertension. Many modern doctors use silver nitrate to stop easy bleeding and treat skin conditions. An interesting fact is that colloidal silver was used in the treatment of infections even before the advent of antibiotics.

Colloidal silver nanomolecules are able to penetrate bacteria and attach to their specific proteins, as a result of which the structure of bacteria changes, they become non-functional. It is also believed that silver molecules are able to form bonds with certain enzymes of fungi, viruses and parasites, suppressing their activity. Colloidal silver is available in the form of ointments, sprays. It can be applied to the skin, even open wounds.

The main properties of colloidal silver and its uses

Main properties of silver:

1. Antibacterial. The widespread use of antibiotics has led to the fact that bacteria have developed a protective mechanism against the effects of drugs, and colloidal silver is capable of destroying it or bacteria as a whole. But when treating with silver, one must take into account that it also negatively affects beneficial intestinal bacteria, therefore, its use must be combined with the use of probiotics.

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2. Antiviral. Most modern antiviral drugs do not have the desired effect, and silver can be successfully used in the treatment of viral diseases. But it is not recommended to use it for the prevention of herpes infection and HIV.

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3. Antifungal. Fungi surround us everywhere and can provoke the development of infectious diseases. According to research, colloidal silver in different concentrations has a detrimental effect on different types of fungi.

Colloidal silver - what is it and what is it used for?

Given these properties of colloidal silver, it is actively used for:

Dosage and contraindications

Colloidal silver can be a part of ointments, sprays. The daily allowance is 14 micrograms, more than the dosage indicated on the label, otherwise the excess of silver in the body can cause skin discoloration. For children, half the daily value is shown.

There are no strict contraindications to the use of silver, but still it is not worth using it for women during pregnancy or lactation. It is also not recommended to use colloidal silver at the same time as taking antibiotics and medications for thyroid diseases. Before using silver, be sure to consult a doctor. Published by

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