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Country shower in 5 minutes. Testing a new device

It often happens that the summer cottage does not have all the amenities and achievements of civilization. Therefore, we suggest you find out how a stand-alone mini-shower works.

Everything in life happens for the first time. So the time has come for us to develop a new suburban area. Not much has been done yet. To begin with, we built a small house, but no special amenities are provided in it. For example, there is no soul – this is a wonderful achievement of civilization.

Testing a stand-alone mini shower

Summer began with heat. After gardening, wash as necessary. Therefore, as a temporary summer cottage, I purchased a stand-alone mini-shower SMART WASHER SW-X1. In general, the manufacturer positions it as a portable shower for outings in nature, but it turned out that for novice summer residents this is also an excellent option.

The kit includes a submersible pump, a hose with a shower head, a charger and a mounting kit. There is also an instruction, but everything is very simple there, I did without it.

Country shower in 5 minutes.  Testing a new device

To begin with, I fixed the shower outside the house on the window – it hangs securely. The suction cup also allows the shower head holder to be conveniently attached to a car window or other smooth surface. The kit also includes a hook that can be thrown over, for example, a tree branch.

Pour water into a bucket, lower the pump there and turn it on. Done! We are starting water procedures. Any bucket will do, but you can buy a folding 15-liter one on the website along with a shower. The temperature of the water is at your discretion: if you want – warm in the sun, if you want – with a kettle. The main thing is that it should not be higher than + 60 ° C. Here I remembered very vividly the last shutdown of hot water in a city apartment and our tossing with basins and pots. It is a pity that I had not bought such a shower before, otherwise I would have attached it to the tiled wall, and everything would have been washed humanly.

Country shower in 5 minutes.  Testing a new device

The shower can be charged from a 220 V network or any other source with a USB output (5 V, 1 A). As far as I noticed, it charges faster from the mains than from other devices. The manufacturer guarantees operation from a charged built-in battery for 40-50 minutes. I honestly worked for 55 minutes, and the pressure was constant all the time, did not decrease. After mowing the grass on the site, my new useful acquisition really helped out.

Country shower in 5 minutes.  Testing a new device

I was a little worried about the pump, whether small debris that could get into a bucket of water in the country would spoil it. However, I saw that a filter was provided in the design. It protects the device from dirt, and is easy to remove and rinse under running water.

This manufacturer has another version of the freestanding shower – SMART WASHER SW-X2. In it, the battery box and the pump with shower head are separated. That is, the power button is not in a bucket of water, but on a separate wire. It can be held in your hand or attached to the shower hose. This will add comfort to use, and also help save warm water if needed.

Country shower in 5 minutes.  Testing a new device

The mini shower turned out to be very comfortable. It is easy to charge, easy to hang and remove, and it practically does not take up space. Until something more fundamental appears at our dacha, I plan to use it. published by econet.ru

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